While in the Los Angeles training complex, magic johnson pointed to the wall where 16 NBA championship banners and 9 retired jerseys hang. He then said to Lonzo Ball that he expects a lot out of him, and that one day, his jersey could be hanging there as well. The trust Magic has in Lonzo Ball seems more like of the trust LaVar has in his kid. The Lakers’ President branded Lonzo as the new face of the Lakers and thinks he will lead the team to where they all want to be.

Expectation on Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball, after formally joining the Lakers last Thursday, said that he is happy to be home and is ready to go to work.

The pressure is high on Lonzo, with all the expectations on him, he better prove something. Lonzo is one part of the rebuilding process Magic has for the Lakers. He plans to make the Lakers a championship contender once again after suffering the worst four-season stretch in the Lakers’ franchise history.

In preparation for Lonzo Ball, the Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Nets for salary cap reason. The Lakers were able to get rid of Mozgov’s 3 final seasons worth $64 million contract acquiring center Brook Lopez and the 27th overall pick that was used to get the Jazz forward Kyle Kuzma.

Trading D’Angelo Russell

Despite the two promising seasons for D’Angelo Russell, Magic did not see the leadership he wanted from him.

He traded Russell to make way for Lonzo Ball because he sees the leadership and passing talent of Lonzo that he did not see in Russell.

Magic wants to get the right players with the right mindset. Although he sees D’Angelo as an excellent player, a future All-Star perhaps and thanked him for all that he has done for the organization.

But Magic needs a leader, someone that would make other players better and someone whose teammates would want to play with him.

With all the moves the Lakers have made, Magic and Pelinka intend to clear up cap space for two more free agents with maximum contracts next summer. Magic is optimistic on getting players like LeBron James, Russell Weskbrook, DeMarcus Cousins and more big-name veterans.

He believes the amount of cap space they have will get them major players for the next summer. He said that tides have turned and people want to play for the Lakers again. It will be an exciting season for the Lakers fan out there with all the trades and acquisitions they will have, it will surely make the Lakers a contender next season and the future seasons to come.