The first game of the 2017 NBA Finals is now over and done with, and if taken as a standalone game it would have been quite a shock. Defending champions the Cleveland Cavaliers were taken by surprise in a 113-91 upset on Thursday, June 1, courtesy of third-time final opponent the Golden State Warriors. Once framed as being the first in a best-of-seven slugfest, the general consensus is that it’s too early to tell which team has to set itself up for eventual disappointment. But the manner in which the Warriors beat the Cavs in this game needs scrutiny, as LeBron James himself found a lot to think about from his team’s, and his own, performance.

Turnover trouble

Looking in hindsight at this NBA Finals Game 1, Cavs small forward LeBron James saw something that was cause for significant concern with him: turnovers, but his and the teams. All in all, Cleveland had 20 of them, from which Golden State managed to eke out 21 of its 113 game points. Of the twenty, James counts eight as his own. That’s double the number of turnovers the Warriors got in play. LeBron’s personal analysis makes it a point for him to check the turnover statistics first, which is why he’s pointing this out.

“I pride myself on not turning the ball over,” LeBron remarked post-game, adding that he did too much in the game for his complete liking. The Cavs front-man was resigned to what eventually transpired saying, “There's no way you're going to win a ballgame having 20 turnovers against this team and on the road.” And they had more to worry about on the court than just the turnovers even.

Golden State got 56 points on the paint and 27 on fast breaks. And LeBron’s opposite number on that team, Kevin Durant, was likely relieved at how lax Cleveland defenders were on him.

Anything is still possible

In these regards, LeBron James is first to say that the Cavaliers made a lot of mistakes playing Game 1 of the 2017 Finals.

The NBA-wide superstar remarks that he knows he and his team were better players than what they showed Thursday night, but now that it’s finished they just need to look forward to recovering in Game 2.

At this point one needs to recalls the miracle of the 2016 NBA Finals between the two camps. Game 1 back then saw Cleveland lose by 15 points, eventually falling to 3-1 game wins.

Then they rallied with LeBron at their head in the remaining games to become NBA Champions that year. Victory in the Finals Game 1 no longer seems so vital, now that the Cavs have proven before that anything is possible.