How can the Chicago Bulls keep giving their fans this runaround? Ramona Shelburne was on ESPN 1000's Kap and Company radio show and said she would bet that Jimmy Butler will be a Bull after Thursday's draft. Butler has been rumored to be traded to the Cavaliers and the Celtics. With this upper management, it is no surprise that The Bulls would hold on to Butler and keep the sense of no direction alive.

Worse case scenarios

Let's just imagine that the Cavaliers trade for Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade exercises his player option. This would mean the Bulls are shelling out $24 million to an aging player, and Butler would be playing with LeBron James, who is not high on Bulls fans like list.

Reports from ESPN say that Wade is leaning on picking up his option. Even though Wade does not want to be apart of a rebuilding regime, Wade knows that he will not get paid this kind of money anywhere else. The funny part about all of this is that there was the notion that Wade would try to bring in another top free agent to make the Bulls relevant. Now, the Bulls are looking at dealing away the face of the franchise.

Forman doesn't have it in him

The Bulls need to trade Butler if Wade picks up his option. Next season will be lost regardless if Wade picks up his option and the Bulls pay him the full amount. It will limit the Bulls in who they can sign. As most Bulls fans know last year, the average play was frustrating.

The lack of direction in the organization is unnerving. This trade needs to happen, but will it?

Forman didn't pull the trigger on Pau Gasol two seasons ago even though Gasol made it public he would opt out of his contract. The Bulls let him walk to the Spurs that offseason. You could say that he made the trade for Derrick Rose last year, but Butler had more to do with that trade than Forman.

Forman does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. He has not earned it. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer of the Cubs deserve the benefit of the doubt. Stan Bowman of the Blackhawks deserves the benefit of the doubt. Even Rick Hahn of the White Sox deserves the benefit of the doubt. Forman has not made the right decision in the draft since 2011 and has the Bulls in an average barrage.

Butler could land Jackson

The Bulls recent interest in Josh Jackson could show promise that Forman is interested in trading Butler. The Suns have emerged as a third party team. There is a chance that Jackson could be available at four. It all depends on how serious the Celtics are in drafting Jackson.