Warren Sapp decided he will donate his brain when he dies to the Concussion Legacy Foundation in order for them to learn more about brain concussions suffered by a former NFL player.

The Hall of Famer videoed himself to make the announcement and posted it on a website called The Players’ Tribune. He noted that playing football affected his memory. In the video, he opened up about his struggles with poor memory and said it was one of the main reasons why he decided he will donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Warren Sapp receives e-mail from Fred Willis that pushed him to donate brain

The 44-year-old’s decision was also heavily influenced by the e-mail he received from former running back Fred Willis. He said the email contained quotes from NFL Owners but did not elaborate on it.

He added in the video that NFL is a macho league and many Hall of Famers are immortalized but none of them would outright admit that there was a time they could not remember how to get home or where they placed a grocery list given to them by their wife. He also said that there were times he could not remember how to pick up their kids from school when he was tasked to do so.

Sapp continued, “You try to find a reason that it’s not that ‘It’s my brain!’ that ‘I’m not deteriorating right before my own eyes.’”

Hall of Famer recalls hits and tackles that affected his memory

Sapp said he received head slaps and tackles that injured his brain. The former NFL player who retired in 2008 said he uses an app on his phone in order for him to remind himself of simple tasks he has to do.

He admitted it is a frightening feeling because he feels like a child and feels like he always needs help. He also recalled he once denied his situation and convinced himself he needed more sleep or maybe drank something that made him forget things.

He hopes that when he donates his brain, it could help come up with changes regarding how football is played.

Sapp said he wants to help leave the game better off than how it was when he first started playing. He said there were so many things that changed from the practices in playing football years back compared to now.

Sapp is a seven-time Pro Bowl selection as a defensive lineman, who retired after 13 seasons. He played nine seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and four with the Oakland Raiders.

Denver Broncos' John Elway says he will donate his brain, too

TMZ caught up with Denver Broncos' John Elway in Los Angeles a few hours after Sapp talked about donating his brain. The Denver Broncos former player and current GM said, "Okay, I'll donate mine too," when asked about his reaction on Sapp's announcement. He is yet to confirm if his comment was serious.