Eric Decker was a hot free agent after his tenure ended with the Denver Broncos, and it paid off with his big contract with the New York Jets. Decker continued to be a huge weapon for the Jets until injuries derailed his career in 2016. Just when Decker was ready for a big comeback year with the Jets, he found himself as a post-June 1 cut by New York, something that took him by surprise. However, for someone as talented as Decker, he wasn’t a free agent for long. On June 12, Eric signed a new deal with the Tennessee Titans.

Eric Decker’s new contract

Eric Decker signed a one-year contract with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans met with Decker on Wednesday and spent the day with him as he watched the minicamp practices of the team. The two sides ironed out the terms of the contract on Sunday, although the financial terms have not been disclosed yet.

Eric Decker had his best season while still with the Denver Broncos in 2013 when Peyton Manning was setting the single-season passing record. That year, Decker caught 87 receptions for 1,288 yards and 11 touchdowns. After that season, Decker was able to get a nice five-year, $36.5 million contract with the New York Jets.

Eric Decker joined forces with Brandon Marshall in New York and the two were able to put up great seasons in his first year there.

While Decker struggled last season due to injuries, the one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans makes sense for both sides.

Eric Decker’s role with the Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans' contract with Eric Decker is just for one year so this gives Decker a chance to prove he is recovered from his injury and possibly snag another big contract in 2018 -- this also protects the Titans if he is not.

The best news for the Titans is that Decker has a chance to work with Marcus Mariota and give Tennessee one of their best receivers since Mariota arrived.

Eric Decker is also a great fit for the offense of Mike Mularky, a great route runner, and one of the best in Tennessee right now. Tennessee's system has not been good in terms of running precise routes, and Decker can fix that immediately, and possibly even help the younger receivers on the team such as rookies Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor -- both drafted by the Titans this year.

The Tennessee Titans made huge progress in 2016 thanks to an improving Mariota and an energized DeMarco Murray. Eric Decker could provide the team with the next weapon they need to finally capture the AFC South crown.