Sheldon Richardson made some disparaging comments about former New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall since he left the team for the New York Giants. While Marshall has been one of the most outspoken and disruptive players in the NFL over his career, things have changed in his life in recent years and his reaction after the Richardson comments speaks volumes about the new Brandon Marshall. Instead of fighting back against Richardson, Marshall took the high road and dismissed what Sheldon said about him.

Sheldon Richardson's comments

Sheldon Richardson was asked about the New York Jets locker room so far in training camp this offseason.

While he did not call out Brandon Marshall by name, he did make sure everyone knew he was talking about the former Jets' receiver. Richardson basically said that things are a lot easier in the locker room now and there are "15 reasons" why the atmosphere is better. Brandon wears the number 15.

Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Marshall had a huge blowup last season and some players have said that that is when the team began to splinter on its way to a 5-11 season. Richardson posted a profane Snapchat video from the locker room after a loss. NFL fans might remember when Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown did the same thing.

While the Steelers disciplined Brown for releasing the video from the locker room, and he took responsibility for it, Sheldon Richardson saw nothing wrong with it when he did it.

After Brandon Marshall called him out, Richardson ripped Marshall in front of reporters after a Christmas Eve loss.

Brandon Marshall's response

If this had happened three years ago, Brandon Marshall likely would have had a very different response. Instead, Marshall just talked about the incident and the Sheldon Richardson comments in a reflective manner.

Marshall, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, has gained control over the mental illness with medication and is working to help others who suffer from the same mental illness.

Brandon Marshall said that he used to be a problem player but has worked hard to get his life and career under control, and is proud of where he is in his life now.

With that said, Marshall said that this is part of playing in the NFL, and when a team struggles like the New York Jets did in 2016, things like this will happen. Instead of firing back at Sheldon Richardson, Marshall just said it was over with.

New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison had a different outlook. He played with Sheldon Richardson while with the New York Jets and said that Richardson just needs to get away from the microphone and stop talking so much.