It seems that the Turkish government is showing how far they will go to silence anyone who openly protests against them. While Oklahoma City Thunder star Enes Kanter was traveling overseas on a charity mission, the Turkish government canceled his passport and tried to have him deported back to the country. The United States worked to bring Kanter back home to America, saving him. It appears that angered the Turkish authorities since they have now arrested Kanter's father Mahmet as they investigate Enes.

Enes Kanter was already disowned

The most interesting thing about arresting Mahmet was that the man had already disowned Enes Kanter, as did the entire family of the Oklahoma City Thunder star.

Enes has said that his opposing political views of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan caused his entire family to turn on him and Kanter said that he no longer as a family or a country.

Enes Kanter supports Fethullah Gulen, a spiritual leader and opposing figure to the current Turkish government. There was a recent attempted military coup last year and Turkey blamed it on followers of Gulen. For his part, Gulen denied any responsibility and currently lives in Pennsylvania as an exiled patron.

What the Turkish government has against Enes Kanter likely comes down to the size of his platform as an NBA superstar. According to Turkish authorities, Kanter used a private social media network used by supporters of Gulen.

An arrest warrant was issued for Enes after he made it back to America, calling him a terrorist for supporting Gulen's cause.

Enes Kanter speaks out

Since arriving back in the United States, Enes Kanter has said that he has received numerous death threats due to his political views. The Oklahoma City Thunder star also said that he wants to become an American citizen because he considers this his home now.

When it comes to his father's arrest, Enes Kanter said that the police raided his home in Istanbul, and it is not unusual because the authorities there have been doing this to many innocent people all over Turkey because they believe in Gulen. The difference here is that people know who Enes is so the raid was publicized.

Mehmet Kanter wrote last year that he apologized to the Turkish people that he has a son like Enes Kanter, which makes the police targeting him seem strange.

Enes said that he has not spoken to his father in two years. Kanter said that he won't even try to contact them now because he feels if they even answered the phone, the Turkish authorities would place them in jail for speaking to him.