Mauricio "Shogun" Rua is on a roll. The mixed martial artist has enjoyed a resurgence in his career and is marching up the UFC's light heavyweight ranks with steady determination. After what seemed to be a slowing of the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion's career, the popular fighter finds himself in the middle of a comeback and is currently ranked #4 in the UFC Light Heavyweight Rankings.

Shogun Rua is marching toward a championship fight.

Shogun Rua is a man on a mission. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Pride Middleweight Grand Prix Champion is on a roll, having defeated Corey Anderson, Goan Villante, and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in his last three fights.

He has returned to a form that is both technical and dominating, and the power behind his strikes is as devastating as ever. Once known for brutal head kicks and an all-out aggression that was more than many fighters could handle, Shogun is again showing the drive that made him a champion once before.

After suffering several injuries and sliding down the rankings, Shogun is focused on returning to the top of the UFC. His next fight, which is rumored to be with Glover Teixeira, will be one that helps further that goal. Although Teixeira just lost to Alexander Gustafsson, he is a tough fighter with a well-known reputation. If Shogun can defeat Teixeira, he may only be a step away from title contention and the belt.

Shogun’s reliability to put on a good fight, along with his reputation as a powerful knockout artist, makes him a valuable commodity in the UFC.

Shogun Rua is ready for the competition and the belt.

Shogun Rua is ready for whatever and whomever the UFC wants to give him to fight. The light heavyweight division has some fierce competition, and Shogun knows to climb to the top he will have to battle his way through some of the top fighters in the UFC.

Fighters such as the Alexander Gustafsson, Jon Jones, and Daniel Cormier stand between Shogun and the championship he is driven to reclaim. Teixeira will be the next stepping stone in the climb, and Shogun says he will be ready for his fellow Brazilian anytime.

Shogun Rua is soaking up every moment of his comeback while keeping his eyes firmly set on the prize of the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

With each fight, Shogun hones his already terrify skills and once again is climbing the UFC rankings. Every victory brings the legendary fighter closer to the moment they wrap the belt around his waist, and he once again is a UFC champion.