The Chicago Cubs are going to go their separate ways from Miguel Montero after the veteran catcher let loose with a post-game rant on Tuesday night. During a 6-1 loss to the Washington Nationals, Montero allowed seven steals, with several of those stolen bases directly leading to runs scored.

After the game, the Cubs backup catcher blamed the pitching staff and Tuesday's starter, Jake Arrieta for his lack of success throwing out runners. "It's just like: 'Yeah, OK, Miggy can’t throw nobody out.' Yeah, but my pitchers don’t hold anybody on.” He told the Chicago Tribune after the game.

Chicago Cubs first baseman responds to rant

Almost immediately after Montero made the comments, the news of his rant spread like wildfire on social media. To no one's surprise the comments got back to his teammates and it doesn't appear they were met with anything other than anger. First baseman, Anthony Rizzo who has become the defacto team leader had some especially harsh comments about his teammate.

"When you point fingers you're a selfish player. We have another catcher that throws everyone out." Rizzo said in regards to Montero blaming the pitching staff for the reason the catcher is currently 0 for the season in catching base stealers.

Rizzo added that the comments were all over the news and that he was frustrated that he now had to comment on them.

The Cubs infielder and new leadoff hitter added that he didn't feel as though it did any good to call teammates out. While most of the rest of his Chicago teammates have kept relatively quiet about Montero's outburst, it appears the front office is in agreement with Rizzo as it was announced

Wednesday morning the veteran has been designated for assignment (DFA'd) and will no longer be with the team.

The Cubs are reportedly going to be bringing up young phenom catcher Victor Caratini to take Montero's roster spot.

Chicago Cubs have dealt with Montero's outbursts before

While the catcher's comments on Wednesday night were bad, it was likely more the icing on the cake rather than the reason Montero was DFA'd on Wednesday. Almost immediately after the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, Montero, who had lost his starting job to Willson Contreras, complained about his playing time.

It was clear the comments weren't welcome in Chicago, especially after the city was engulfed in joy due to the world championship. After that outburst, Montero had a sit down meeting with Joe Maddon and reportedly patched things up. It appears the team was not willing to attempt to mend fences with Montero a second time. Caratini is expected to be with the Chicago Cubs before they start their game with the Nationals tonight, though it's assumed Contreras will get the starting nod behind the plate.