New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. has been advertised as one of the most exciting players in the National Football League. Footwear and apparel brand Nike signed NFL wide receiver Beckham Jr. to a deal that is valued at $29 million for five years, making it by far the largest lucrative endorsement deal for an NFL player, according to, obtained by ESPN.

There is a possibility that a $48 million, an 8-year deal could be reached. While a Nike spokesman declined to comment, the company will incorporate Beckham as a part of the agreement to promote his campaign outside of football.

The negotiation has been completed by Beckham's agent Zeke Sandhu of Elite Athlete Management and his business manager Heather Van Norman.

Beckham had gained Nike's attention when he sported Burberry Nikes and Back to the Future tribute. The Nike shoes that Beckham wore has been designed by footwear artist Troy Cole last year. Every designed product has been promoted on social media before games. Beckham has 11.9 million fans across his social accounts.

Nike match Adidas' offer for Beckham

Beckham has been widely known for his incredible speed and outrageous catches, which energized Nike's rival Adidas to pursue an endorsement deal with him. Adidas attempted to acquire Beckham to a marketing deal when his initial rookie contract with Nike ceased this month May 1st.

However, Nike reportedly managed the right to match the offer.

"It was a long process," Sandhu said, according to ESPN. "This proved he's an icon."

Adidas, the second largest sportswear in the world, attempts to maintain a competitive advantage over Nike by inking sponsorship deals with world-class athletes from America football, basketball, and baseball.

The brand aims to sponsor 250 NFL players and 100 National Basketball Association (NBA) players by 2020, according to Fortune.

Beckham is a marketing star

When Beckham entered the NFL as a rookie, the Giants inked him to a contract that would pay him $10.4 million, along with a signing bonus of $5.9 million. The four-time Super Bowl winner decided to exercise the fifth-year-option on Beckham after finishing the season with 101 receptions for 1,367 yards and ten touchdowns.

New York Business Journal reported earlier this month that Beckham placed among top 50 NFL marketing stars. Additionally, as ESPN reported, he had the fourth most popular selling jersey in the NFL last year. As Beckham is expected to represent Nike as a brand ambassador, he continues to play a huge role in influencing the culture on and off the field.