Chris Jericho has finished up his current WWE run and is heading out on tour with his metal band Fozzy. In a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Jericho said that this run in the WWE was possible the best of his entire career, which says a lot for the multi-time WWE world champion. One of the things that he said he is most proud of during this specific run was putting over talent and helping wrestlers ascend to the main event scene. One of those wrestlers was AJ Styles, who Jericho calls the Best In The World at this time.

Chris Jericho on AJ Styles

Before AJ Styles made his WWE debut, he was already considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. He was a multi-time TNA Impact Wrestling world champion and pioneered the X-Division. He was a star in Ring of Honor and held the IWGP title over in New Japan Professional Wrestling. When Styles made his debut at the "Royal Rumble" two years ago, it was a huge moment. Fans were excited about what Styles could do in the WWE but Chris Jericho said that Vince McMahon was not sold yet because McMahon didn't care about what wrestlers did outside the WWE.

According to Chris Jericho, he was excited to get to be the first man in the WWE to feud with AJ Styles. Jericho said that he knew, if he could work with Styles for a few months, he could help AJ pick up on some of the things that made the WWE different than other promotions.

Chris said that AJ picked it up in two weeks and they had a great feud that Styles came out of looking stronger than ever.

Chris Jericho on putting stars over

In his last two or three WWE runs, Chris Jericho has always worked hard to put talent over. He did a great job in getting AJ Styles ready to feud with John Cena and has worked with many other stars along the way as well.

While Chris is almost bullet proof when it comes to losses not affecting his connection with the fans, Jericho said that he knows when he needs to win to keep his status in the WWE and the feud running strong. Jericho said that he will stand up and fight when it is time to win because he knows that will make his losses mean something for the person he is feuding with.

A great example of that comes with his recent feud with Kevin Owens. That was a perfect storyline that saw Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens start out as the best of friends, villains who would cheat to help Owens keep his WWE Universal Championship. Soon, they became bitter enemies with Chris becoming a face again. While Owens won at "WrestleMania 33," Jericho won the title back at "Payback." That seemed a bad decision but then Kevin Owens snapped on the next episode of "SmackDown Live," taking out Jericho in a vicious attack and making Kevin Owens look stronger than ever. That is where Chris Jericho is a master in the WWE.