In a matter of weeks, Jinder Mahal went from a jobber who lost to everyone in the WWE to the main event of "Backlash." While many fans are not willing to accept him in that position yet, there seems to be a good reason why the WWE is pushing Jinder now into a world title match with Randy Orton. The Wrestling Observer reported that the WWE feels more comfortable taking chances on talent since the Wwe Network is a low $9.99 while they would never have done this is they were still relying on the $40 pay-per-view business model.

"Backlash" and the pushing of new WWE stars

The fact is that "SmackDown Live" has worked hard since the WWE brand split to push new talents. Baron Corbin has become a legitimate contender. The Miz went from a joke into a main event star and one of the best heels in the WWE. Bray Wyatt won his first ever world title on "SmackDown Live." Now, after the recent trades between "SmackDown" and "Raw," there are new people getting pushed at "Backlash." Jinder Mahal is getting a shot at the WWE world title, held by Randy Orton, and Breezango is getting a shot at the Usos "SmackDown" tag team titles.

Jinder Mahal in the main event

A lot of fans online seem happy to see the tag team of Fandango and Tylor Breeze getting a tag team title shot.

While they have been jobbers since they each failed to hit it big in their WWE debuts, they put on entertaining matches and are both very talented in the ring. The problem with Jinder Mahal is that no one takes him seriously as a contender. It was a very long time since Mahal made his WWE debut as an antagonist to Great Khali.

However, what everyone seems to remember is that Jinder was part of the 3 Man Band group, a joke of a faction that lost to anyone and everyone in the WWE and was always made to look like fools. Thanks to that perception, no one is giving Jinder much of a chance heading into "Backlash."

Jinder Mahal and his chances in the WWE

Just because fans are not giving Jinder Mahal a chance does not mean the WWE won't see if he can make it to the top.

He has become more serious in his attitude as a character and even has lackeys to help him along the way in the former Bollywood Boys. Jinder has started to develop a nice character as a man who feels Americans look down on him because he is Indian. That also plays into the rumors that the WWE is partially booking Mahal strong to help sell the WWE Network to Indian nations overseas. Triple H has said that Mahal has done everything asked of him and is willing to do anything he can to improve. While many fans don't expect Jinder Mahal to succeed at "Backlash," at least the WWE is giving someone new a chance.