The Wizards may have looked their best that they have all season. A 26-0 run capped the dominance the Wizards portrayed over the Boston Celtics in game 4 Sunday afternoon. John Wall had 27 points and 12 assists, Bradley Beal had 29 points, and the Washington Wizards dominated the Boston Celtics in a 121 to 102 game four victory. Isaiah Thomas had 19 points in the loss. Terry Rozier had 16 points off the bench.


The Boston Celtics came out red hot. They had Isaiah Thomas on a dominating spree of points. Thomas had five consecutive three-pointers in the first quarter and a half of the game.

The Wizards didn't let that get the best of them, though. Thomas had just two points the rest of the game after that outburst.

The Wizards stepped up their defense tremendously. They clamped down on the Celtics and forced turnover after turnover. The finished the game with 34 points off turnovers, and this 26 to 0 run from them came primarily from defense. The Celtics didn't help themselves either; they got stuck in a rut that they could not pull out of. They kept coughing up the ball until basically, the game was out of reach.

John Wall really showed his mental maturity in game 4. After missing his first nine shots, Wall kept being aggressive and shot 57 percent the rest of the game.

Game thoughts

The Washington Wizards are a completely different team when Bradley Beal is the dominant player everyone knows he can be next to John Wall. Wall has no trouble getting into lanes and creating for himself and his teammates, but when Bradley Beal can be that secondary scorer that Wall desperately needs, things get real good for Washington.

The Wizards struggle with this consistency, but they seem to find a rhythm through this series.

The Celtics can not guard John Wall. He's attacking any defender in his wake and knows he can. His confidence has shot through the roof, and there isn't much Boston can do to stop it. On the flipside, Isaiah Thomas has to be more aggressive.

Through most of the game, he was foul hunting, trying to get the points the easy way.

He mentioned after the game how the calls need to get better. This is really bad for Boston if his mindset starts heading down this path. He has to attack and not rely on calls to get his money. The sooner he does that in this series, the better chance the Celtics have of responding.

The series continues on Wednesday when the Wizards head back to Boston to take on the Celtics at 8:00 PM ET on TNT.