The Oklahoma City Thunder are going into the NBA offseason with a lot of things to handle. After being eliminated by the Rockets, they have many questions coming into the offseason. Their team was led by the probable MVP in Russell Westbrook and that was it. Westbrook didn't have any help from his teammates in their series against the Rockets and it showed as he ran out of gas in game five. The Thunder need to show Westbrook this offseason that they are committed to winning by signing big talent. GM Sam Presti is looking a the bigger picture, saying he is 'hopeful' to sign Westbrook to a long term extension.

Money Bags

Russell Westbrook is under contract after signing a three-year $85 million extension last summer, exactly one month after Kevin Durant made the decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Westbrook has a player option for the final year of that contract, which if he declines that option, he will become an unrestricted free agent next summer. This wouldn't be the best new for Thunder fans because if this happens this means that Sam Presti would've let four all-star caliber players walk out the door in Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka.

The Thunder can lock him up this season when they offer Westbrook a 'supermax' contract. The new CBA allows the teams of players who make any of the three All-NBA teams, defensive player of the year, or MVP to offer those players a bigger amount of money than other teams.

This is called the 'Designated Player Extension'. Russell Westbrook is a sure-fire All-NBA first teamer which makes him eligible for this humongous payday. The Thunder will be in a position to offer Westbrook a five year, $217 million deal this summer. This deal will easily make him the highest paid player in NBA history, passing Mike Conley who currently holds that honor.

The Thunder have bags of money to offer Westbrook to stay, and that is the one thing they have going for them. Westbrook said that he wants to be in OKC, so the money will only make this sweeter for him.

Focus on Now

GM Sam Presti addressed reporters at his final media availability Monday afternoon. He officially can't have contract talks with Westbrook until the official start of the NBA year which is July 1st.

Presti is looking forward to those conversations with Westbrook, as he knows that they want him and he wants to remain a part of this city.

Presti told reporters according to ESPN, "we're obviously hopeful that he [Westbrook] remains really excited about being a part of this organization for the remainder of his career. Let's not think far ahead. Let's just see where the information takes us."

Sam Presti isn't trying to play the game of what if, as he is only focused on making sure the numbers are right so when they offer Westbrook that huge deal it is accurate and so attractive, Westbrook can't help but sign. The Thunder know how critical this offseason is not only to them but their fans as they can't even think of losing another MVP talent in Westbrook.

The Thunder front office has a lot on their plate this offseason. They need to sign players that can help Westbrook on the offensive end of the court while keeping Westbrook happy and paying him what he deserves. GM Sam Presti needs to make sure he is doing what he needs to do now so when he does talk to Westbrook, he has a plan to make the Thunder a true championship contender the Russell Westbrook approves of.