Under Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks have become one of the most successful teams in the NFL. Much of that success comes due to the defense playing better than most teams in the NFL and Richard Sherman is a leader on that side of the ball. Much of the offseason controversy in Seattle has centered on Sherman and the chance that the Seahawks could trade him. However, after months of talk, Carroll said that there was no animosity between the team and Richard and there would not likely be a trade.

All Seahawks players are available to trade

The biggest movement in the talk of a Richard Sherman trade came from Pete Carroll himself.

In an appearance on an ESPN radio show, Pete said that everyone on the entire Seattle Seahawks team was available to trade if anyone wants to come and get them. That was a huge statement and some could take it in the meaning that there is no loyalty on the team towards its players. However, Carroll dismissed those thoughts by saying that they don't want to trade the players and want to keep their players but they always want to get better and trading players is one way to do that. He said that there is just the policy to listen to all trade offers and discuss them internally.

Richard Sherman initiated the trade talks

Interestingly, while Richard Sherman made comments about being surprised that there were talks of the Seattle Seahawks wanting to trade him there are some who believe that he was responsible.

Yes, Pete Carroll said that everyone was up for a trade but Adam Schefter from ESPN actually learned that it was Sherman himself who asked about trade possibilities at the end of the 2016 NFL season. Sherman has never missed a game and plays at a high level but he is also a distraction off the field with his outspoken attitude.

He is also 29 and looked slower last season, making the idea of trading him a possibility for the Seahawks.

Carroll said there is "zero percent" chance Seahawks trade Sherman

When asked if all the talk about trading Richard Sherman had ended, Pete Carroll said that the discussions are over with. He said that the draft has come and gone and the Seattle Seahawks won't likely find anything worth trading away a player like Sherman.

He even said that there is a zero percent chance because other teams won't want to give up things at times like this following the 2017 NFL Draft. Carroll also said there is no animosity between the Seahawks and Sherman and the cornerback just wants to regain his intensity in 2017.