It seems very strange that the Seattle Seahawks are looking at trading one of their best players but that is what is happening right now with Richard Sherman. ESPN is reporting that sources from both sides are spreading the news with Seattle claiming that Sherman asked for a Trade while Sherman denies it and says that he is blocking out the noise. Whatever is the case, there are a number of teams interested including the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

Richard Sherman trade news

The news that the Seattle Seahawks were looking to Richard Sherman came after the NFL owner’s meetings where the Seahawks sent out flyers to a number of teams indicating that Sherman was available.

The problem with the trade possibilities is that the cost for Sherman might be too high and the fact that Richard has a mouth that won’t stop – especially when it comes to talking about controversial subject matters. The most recent instance of that was when Sherman said that he thinks NFL teams are blackballing Colin Kaepernick because of his silent protest in 2016 towards violence against blacks. With all the talk that he does and the high cost of trading for him, it seems teams are leery about putting out money or draft picks to bring him to town. Plus, there is also the fact that Sherman dropped a bit in 2016. Head coach Pete Carroll said that Richard self-destructed last season, and where he used to be able to turn things around, he was not able to get back on track last year.

It was his worst statistical performance since he became one of the hottest cornerbacks in the NFL. One wonders if a change of scenery, maybe with the New England Patriots, might do him some good on the field.

New England Patriots and Richard Sherman

If there is one team that never seems scared of controversy, it is the New England Patriots.

The Patriots know that they can get better at cornerback and there are few in the NFL better than Richard Sherman. However, the 29-year-old Sherman probably won’t leave the Seahawks unless a team gives up a high draft pick in the trade. There are two years left on Richard’s contract that is worth more than $22 million. For his part, Sherman said there is very little chance that he leaves the Seahawks but that both he and Seattle are listening to offers.

However, Richard also said there is no bad blood between him and Seattle and this is just business. There is no telling whether or not Sherman leaves the Seattle Seahawks but if he does, the New England Patriots might be the best destination.