The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as a possible destination for All-Star forward Chris Bosh, who recently reached a settlement with the Miami Heat. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald provided the details of Bosh’s impending release and why the Lakers play in as the most likely suitor for the two-time NBA champion.

Pending the league’s approval, the Heat will release Bosh from his contract, freeing up $52.1 million ($25 million per year) in the process. Bosh will still receive his salary, though his medical insurance will cover the larger bulk of his paycheck.

Bosh’s release

The Players’ Association has already approved the Heat’s settlement with Bosh, and it reached the highest level of the league’s office. NBA insider Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported the deal took so long to be agreed upon because Bosh’s case was covered by two collective bargaining agreement.

Applying the current CBA, the Heat would still cover Bosh’s salary if he plays 25 games with another team. The upcoming CBA, which will take effect on July 1, changes the rule as teams can now release a player without the risk of absorbing back his upcoming salaries, if a medical panel proves the player unfit to resume his NBA career.

A source close to the situation told Jackson that Bosh was happy with the settlement and all the animosity between him and the Heat organization has already dissipated.

Nevertheless, Bosh has already sent his agents and legal representatives to closely review the details of the pact.

Possible stint with the Lakers

Jackson made it clear that Bosh’s release will not be considered as a medical retirement. The All-Star reiterated several times already that he wants to resume his NBA career, once his doctors cleared him to play.

Unfortunately, Bosh is still on blood thinners and teams will take a long pause in pursuing him because of his condition.

Should Bosh finally recover from his blood clotting ailments, the Miami Herald writer considers the Lakers as the initial front-runner largely because of Bosh’s affiliation with his former agent and now Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka.

“There have been discussions about Bosh’s departure being termed a “medical retirement,” but that is not definite. And Bosh has by no means ruled out playing again. The Lakers would be a natural possibility; Bosh spends his offseasons in Los Angeles and the Lakers’ general manager, Rob Pelinka, is Bosh’s former agent,” per Jackson.

The 33-year old Bosh hasn’t played a single NBA game since the 2016 All-Star break. Before his condition surfaces, the All-Star forward averaged 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds over his career and was part of the Heat’s two championship-winning teams in 2012 and 2013.