The Chicago Bulls have a busy free agency period ahead of them. They have six free agents, and with a lot of cap space, some moves may be in the works in order to ensure the team isn't as pitiful as they were this year. Let's take a look at the free agents the Bulls will have to make decisions on this summer.

Free agents

The most integral free agent they need to take seriously is Dwyane Wade, who is an unrestricted free agent this year with a player option. Although, it doesn't sound like Chicago will have to try too hard, as the aging veteran sounds like he is set to return to Chicago.

Beyond Dwyane Wade, the Chicago Bulls have a few other free agents they have to make decisions on. Bare in mind that this Bulls team was very uneventful this season after making what seemed to be decent moves last season.

Michael Carter-Williams has virtually no chance of returning to Chicago. After moving to Chicago in a trade, the point guard has been disappointing to say the least. Given his production, and the fact that he is now most likely the fourth choice, I can't see the Bulls having him return. I am sure some desperate team will sign him because they are in need of offensive production in any literal way they can receive it; but with nothing to brag about on the offensive end, and no defensive skills, he should count his blessings if he gets an offer.

One free agent who I expect the Bulls to bring back is Nikola Mirotic. Although he is seemingly just another player that has been a disappointment, Mirotic had a really good season. The problem is his consistency, and that obviously plays a large part when considering the future. Fortunately for Mirotic, I think his skill set is just enough for the Bulls to bring him back at almost all costs.

Factor in the potential you are getting versus the cost of it not working out, and it is more beneficial to take the risk. At the end of the day, bring him back and trade him if it doesn't work out. But, if they were smart, they would believe in Mirotic's ability to space the floor and shoot the ball.

Now, looking at the stat sheet, people probably think its wise to let Cristiano Felicio go; but the Bulls would be smart to keep him around, and if you have watched any of the Bulls this season, you know that too.

Felicio is one of those guys that is an immensely hard worker, and despite not lighting up the stat sheet, he provides a lot of aspects that don't show up in the box score. Teams know this, and the Bulls undoubtedly know that teams know this. Chicago would be smart to keep him for now and hopefully develop him into a more productive, complete player. At the prime age of 25, Felicio could have a bright future if mentored by the right guys.

Notable mentions are Anthony Morrow and Joffrey Lauvergne who are unrestricted and restricted free agents. respectively. I could see Morrow potentially returning given that he hasn't spent much time with Chicago and they might give him a chance to provide some decent production off the bench; but I'd be less surprised if they let him test free agency.

For Joffrey Lauvergne, I can't see them bringing him back. He would be behind Lopez and Felicio if they kept him, which wouldn't bode well. In addition, letting him go would give them just a little more room, which leads me to the next point.

Cap space

The Bulls are extremely unique when it comes to cap space. Interesting contracts between the Bulls and the likes of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo make the free agency period interesting. Chicago is known to make lots of moves, and this summer, expect to see more of the same. I see them paying Wade, and following Rondo's performance in the playoffs, I think they have to give him the due diligence of keeping him around for now. But don't be surprised to see the Bulls possibly dish him out in the fall if he doesn't hit his stride early in the season.

With so many open ends, it is tough to tell whether Chicago will bring in some free agents. Given the market this off-season as well, Chicago doesn't seem to have too many options.

Bottom line

Boasting players like Wade, Rondo, and Jimmy Butler means that anyone brought on can't have an ego, and will have to be able to deal with coming off the bench and not getting many touches on the ball. This limits the free agents available, but I wouldn't be shocked if the Bulls decided to let some pieces go, with the intent to bring in some new blood.