We all know that Miami Marlins player Marcell Ozuna has some Home Run power,witnessed most recently on a massive home run blast against in-state rival. What we didn't know until recently is that his wife Genesis appears to be packing quite a punch with her swing as well. The Marlins got together this week for a four-game series and decided to hold a charity WAGs (wives and girlfriends) softball game while the Marlins were in Tampa.

During Genesis' at-bat, she showed off she learned a thing or two about how to swing the bat from her hubby when she absolutely clobbered a ball over the fence.

Granted the softball fence was moved in quite a bit from where the wall is in the Rays' baseball game, but she still put a heck of a swing and it cleared the fence with plenty of room to spare. You can check out the video below where it appears even Mrs. Ozuna is surprised by the prodigiousness of her pop.

Genesis getting notice for other things

While the better half of the Ozuna's was getting plenty of talk about her home run blast, it was her home run trot that got even more attention on social media. Genesis has a rather ... interesting body type and there were plenty of people on social media more than willing to point out the junk in the trunk. Video of Ozuna's wife was circulating the web in no time, with all eyes on the wiggle as she rounded the bases.

A quick check out of the major leaguers' (thebigbear13ozuna) Instagram page will show you he clearly he seems to have an affinity for his wife's behind as he's littered his page with pics of his partner's derriere.

Until now, it appears the booty was a well-kept family secret but that cat is officially out of the bag.

Marcell showing you how it's done

While his wife only gets to show off her power bat, and other assets on rare occasions when it comes to the ball field, Marcell is becoming a star in Miami. The outfielder hit 23 home runs and made the All-Star game in 2016.

This season, he's off to a solid start, as he's hitting .301 with eight home runs. One of those blasts was also while his team was in Tampa.

Marcell hit one of the longest blasts ever hit at Tropicana field. To add insult to injury, the homer managed to smack into the flag that heralds one of the biggest accomplishments the Tampa franchise has managed. The ball carried into the 2011 AL Wild Card Pennant the Rays have proudly displayed inside their dome. An impressive feat to be sure, the majority of the Ozuna buzz as the week comes to a close, still all about that bass.