The NBA playoff's all time scoring list is a coveted list to be on. There are many great and legendary players who feature in the top 15 portion of the list. But when a player is able to climb all the way to second place on this leadboard, that is something to behold.

LeBron James currently sits in the top 5 in postseason scoring, assists, steals, field goals made and three point field goals made. He also sits in the top 10 in rebounding and top 25 in blocked shots. King James does it all on the basketball court, and his statistics are there to prove just that.

There has never been another player in NBA history able to be at such a high rank across a range of statistical lists in both the regular season and the playoffs, but LeBron never ceases to amaze.

LeBron James will pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in playoff scoring

Currently, LeBron James sits at third place on the NBA playoffs all time scoring list behind just two players. These two players are widely regarded as two of the greatest in NBA history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan. To be in this position already is truly incredible for The Chosen One, and the chance at moving past them both in this years playoff run is even more incredible.

LeBron has 5,738 career postseason points, just behind Kareem with 5,762 and Jordan with 5,987.

This means LeBron James needs just 25 points to pass the Laker legend on the NBA playoff all time scoring list. A feat that will likely be achieved in his next game, as he is already averaging 33.2 points per game in this years playoffs, a stat that leads all other players in the league this year (min. 5 games). In case you might have been wondering, here's how the top 5 currently stacks up for playoff points:


Michael Jordan (5,987)

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5,762)

3. LeBron James (5,738)

4. Kobe Bryant (5,640)

5. Shaquille O'Neal (5,250)

MJ is next up

LeBron James will most certainly be looking to keep climbing this list, in attempt to capture the prized number one spot. He currently sits 249 points behind Michael Jordan who is at the top of the mountain.

Meaning he will need 250 points to pass the legend. If you look at the statistics and focus on LeBron's scoring production in this years postseason, James is on pace to pass Jordan and move into the number one spot in roughly 8 games time, likely in the Eastern Conference finals if the Cavaliers do indeed make it there.

This will be a huge accomplishment for King James, as scoring isn't even what he is known for, being number one on this all time playoff list will be something very, very special.