LeBron James has been a player in many debates throughout his career. Is he better than MJ, is he the most complete player ever, is he the most influential player, is he the best forward of all time? Many people will bring up stats and video to defend their take on a multitude of topics regarding LeBron's greatness, but there is one thing that can't be debated when it comes to LeBron. LeBron James has dominated the Eastern Conference. The East hasn't always been the non-competitive conference you see now. Back in the day, there were many teams that were racing for the number one seed in April and many more fighting for a playoff spot.

LeBron's dominance in the East has caused many teams to fall apart, and some haven't even recovered yet.

To be the King, you must dethrone one

James didn't start out dominating the East. It took time, but when he was ready to take down the Kings of the East, he made sure he could execute the plan to perfection. In the 2007 Conference Finals, James had his first shot at becoming the new King of the East as he faced a Pistons squad that played hard-nosed basketball led by Chauncey Billups. James led the Cavs to a 4-2 series win, ending the Pistons' dominance in the East. Billups was traded the following year, and the Pistons haven't seen much success after that loss.

Another team James had his hand in breaking up the core was the Washington Wizards.

James beat the Wizards in the playoffs three straight years from 2006-2008, causing the head coach to be fired and key pieces Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison to be traded in 2010. James was the new king of the East, and once he took the throne, he wasn't giving it up to anybody.

New King, Same Reign

With James at the top of the East when he joined the Miami Heat, he has shown his dominance and little mercy for any team trying to dethrone him.

He had unfinished business with the Boston Celtics, who beat James early in his career and played a role in him coming to Miami. James beat the Cavs in two series from 2011-2012, and caused Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to be traded to the Nets in 2013, and Boston struggled a few years after that. He also dismantled a Pacers team that was stacked with talent like Roy Hibbert, Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and David West.

James and the Heat beat the Pacers three straight seasons from 2012-2014 which led to the trade of Hibbert, West left in free agency and Paul George was left by himself.

When James rejoined the Cavs, his East dominance was still the same. He swept the Hawks in two series against them, causing Jeff Teague to be traded and Al Horford to try his luck elsewhere in free agency. He also has dominated the Raptors, going 8-2 over the last few years, and now Toronto has 4 free agents including Kyle Lowry. James has made it to seven straight Finals and made it to 8 in the past 11 years. This emphasizes James' dominance in the East, showing that he isn't ready to give up the throne just yet.

James has played in 212 postseason games.

He has averaged 28 points, about 9 rebounds and almost 7 assists per game. LeBron has been a great player throughout his career, taking down many giants en route to three championships and eight Finals appearances. LeBron has another chance to dethrone a giant: the Warriors of the West in the NBA Finals. James has played the role of David well in these David vs. Goliath matchups, but will he come out on top again, slaying yet another giant?