LeBron James and the Cavs are back in the NBA Finals. Thursday night they demolished the Boston Celtics in game five, clinching the series. The Cavs are on their way to a third installment of the Cavs/Warriors matchup, the matchup many fans across the NBA have been waiting for since the beginning of the NBA season. The Cavs are in celebration mode after cruising through the Eastern Conference, losing only one game. The Cavs know what kind of headaches the Warriors can bring to their team and they aren't ready to cross that bridge just yet according to LeBron James.

He is more focused on reflecting on their accomplishments and enjoying the moment.

Enjoy the moment

The Cavs have had the definition of a rollercoaster year. From starting out strong before the all-star break and then looking like an average team the second half of the season, it has been a wild ride. There were many critics talking about how bad the Cavs were and how they might not make it out of the east, but Cleveland shut them all up once the playoffs started. LeBron James realizes what his team has been through and isn't worried about the Warriors, but enjoying the moment.

In a postgame interview, he said to ESPN, "I'm going to be honest, I'm not in the right mind to even talk about Golden State.

It's too stressful, and I'm not stressed right now. I'm very happy about our accomplishment."

LeBron James seems to think the Warriors are going to give him a lot of sleepless nights. They have been the best team in the league and they did add former MVP, Kevin Durant, but James and the Cavs have been playing great basketball.

LeBron has been playing out of his mind and Kyrie is hitting a groove so LeBron might've given the Warriors too much credit.

What's the game plan?

As far as game planning goes, the Cavaliers haven't even focused on Golden State, even though many people expected this matchup to happen. They were more focused on the Celtics, as they gave them some issues with Isaiah Thomas on and off the floor.

It's understandable the Cavs want to Enjoy The Moment and celebrate the win, but game one is only six days away. The might not want to extend the celebration too much.

LeBron James realizes what he has done and has decided to enjoy the moment a little longer this time. He has six days until he takes the court again so he should take the weekend to enjoy this. The Cavs are enjoying the ride, but the ride isn't complete until they hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy, and it won't be easy against the Warriors.