Kyle Korver is one of the Cleveland Cavaliers amazing signings this season, and while he has been learning the ropes he has also been experiencing Cavs basketball and the true dedication and work that goes on behind the scenes. Kyle Korver has been a huge piece for the Cavs success, knocking down a high percentage of his three point attempts, in fact, he led the league in three point percentage this season and a lot of that to do with the brilliant passing of LeBron James.

Kyle is now seeing the things that no one on the outside looking in has seen, especially when Korver was an Atlanta Hawk.

The dedication that King James puts into the game both on and off the court is something that amazed the sharpshooter.

Kyle Korver speaks on LeBron's hard work

LeBron James is arguably one of the hardest working players in the league. His freakish athleticism and masculine body is not just the work of his family genes, but also is due to his hustle and determination in the weight room.

When Kyle Korver was on the Atlanta Hawks he certainly knew about what he is capable of on the hardwood after being defeated by him in the playoffs. But something Korver was not familiar with was the King's off court prowess, and how he is a step above everyone else in the league. Korver said:

"Behind the scenes, just how hard he works.

He’s a machine. You don’t see guys this late in their careers, guys who’ve had this much success, be the first guy in the gym. He’s still there."

This gym junkie mentality that King James possesses is a huge reason he is so successful in the NBA today while being in his 30's. A lot of players his age drop off, but the workout and diet resume along with the overall brilliance helps LBJ stay a head above the rest.

LeBron could be elite for a few more years

Earlier in the career of LeBron James, many critics believed the King would drop off and decline when he reaches the age of 31 or 32 because many greats in the past have. But that has just not been the case for LeBron James at all. He keeps setting records, achieving milestones and putting up performances that he never previously has before.

LeBron is arguably playing the best basketball of his career right now.

And all this is credited to the strict way LeBron lives his life. He takes so much care of his body in the days between games. Works out in the gym like a body builder and eats a strict diet to go along with it. One of the most talented and athletic players in NBA history is most definitely making the most of it.