LeBron James made the headlines on Monday night, not just for his terrific 35 point performance or leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a game one victory, but for lifting a refreshing beer from the hands of the beer lady. This was a surprising sight to the viewers, bringing excitement to the crowd as they were humoured by the situation.

But this moment was specifically hilarious for Cavaliers shooting guard, Jr Smith. JR has had a not so pretty history with alcohol and has received a lot of negative attention because of the past experiences he has had in his career.

So this moment that happened in game one, was somewhat bitter sweet for the man nicknamed Swisher.

JR Smith makes funny comment about the situation

When LeBron jokingly grabbed the bottle of beer during the third quarter of the Cavaliers' game one against the Toronto Raptors, JR Smith started laughing out loud. This was a situation that had JR reminiscing about his past NBA life, prior to joining the Cavaliers. A time when Smith was criticized and ridiculed for his night life so to speak. When JR Smith was asked about the antic that involved King James and a bottle of beer, JR said:

"I was standing right next to him. I thought it was hilarious until I thought about if I did it. It wouldn't have been taken the right way.

It was funny though."

JR Swish knows all about the criticism and hate he has received throughout his NBA career. A lot has been written about him and made the notion that he is a hazardous player to a team, not only for his on court style but his off court reputation.

JR turned his career around

As previously stated, while JR Smith was a member of the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks he never got the respect he deserved.

While a lot of times he still had great performances, it was also overlooked by his antics on and off the court. JR got involved in various on court conflicts and was known for taking terrible shots and not playing defense. Plus, Smith was also critisized for his off the court actions, and drinking alcohol is one which had previously caught him in the heat of the fire.

But since being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, JR Smith has rejuvenated his career. With the leadership of LeBron James and the great organisation of Cleveland, Swisher seems to be a new man. He is now credited for his great defensive ability, and his terrific shooting ability. While having no off the court incidents, and very few on the court ones also. JR recently threw shade at the Knicks, probably because now he sees what his career could've been like the whole time, if he got the opportunity to show it.