Josh Gordon's time has come and gone it appears. On Thursday, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver learned his fate: the NFL would not be reinstating him from his indefinite suspension. He has been troubled by substance abuse and stints in and out of rehab, but he always dreamed of playing football at the highest level once again. Now, that dream is likely destined to never come to fruition.

Reinstatement rejection

According to an Associated Press report, Gordon had his reinstatement request rejected by the NFL on Thursday. It's not the end of the road for him, necessarily - he will be allowed to apply for reinstatement once again in the fall.

That endeavor may not seem so fruitful, though, as Gordon has been down this road with the league time and again, coming close to getting back onto the football field before seeing the opportunity slide through his fingers.

In 2014, Gordon was suspended 10 games for a substance abuse violation. In 2015, the NFL suspended him again for the same reason, this time for the entire season. He actually appeared to be close to a return in 2016, only to pull himself off the field and enter rehab on a voluntary basis. He stayed there for 30 days, though the reason for the stint was not clear. Since 2014, he has played in just five games, watching his career slip by the wayside as he has attempted to gain some sense of control over his own problems.

NFL future nowhere in sight

So long as Gordon is officially in the NFL, a team will be willing to take a chance on him. He's just 26 years old and led the league in receiving yards in 2013, his last full season. The talent is there - the personal issues are always what have plagued Gordon. If a team can put the right structure around him for success, it's possible that a football career could be reclaimed.

It probably won't be with the Browns. The organization has expressed public support for Gordon as he goes through treatment and recovery. They have also indicated, however, that they are ready to move on from the troubled wide receiver. It's hard to blame them, as Gordon has been a constant distraction during his tenure in Cleveland.

The team wants to see him get better, but they can't keep hoping he'll show up ready to play one day - the NFL is a business. If he does ever make a return to the field, he will have the support of many who have battled their own demons, but also a spotlight that could lead to further trouble for him.