The Dallas Cowboys 2017 NFL Draft has been rated highly by experts. They filled in many of their defensive needs with a number of defensive backs and linemen. However, they also drafted a pair of receivers, including 5-8 Ryan Switzer, someone who is seen as the weak link of the NFL Draft. However, that designation is not accurate because Switzer might deliver something the Cowboys lost three years ago when Dwayne Harris left the team for the New York Giants.

Dwayne Harris and Dallas Cowboys special teams

The Dallas Cowboys had one of the best Special Teams return men in the NFL in Dwayne Harris from 2011 through 2014.

In his last three years in Dallas, Harris averaged 12.2 yards per punt return and 26.2 yards per kick return. Harris also had two punt returns for touchdowns. However, Harris wanted to be a wide receiver and went to the New York Giants. It didn't work out how he wanted when he had only one reception in 2016 and was pushed back to special teams again. Meanwhile, with Dwayne gone and in New York, the Dallas Cowboys turned to Lucky Whitehead.

Lucky Whitehead and the Dallas Cowboys

In 2015, Lucky Whitehead took over as the kick and punt return star for the Dallas Cowboys. In his two seasons in the position, Whitehead averaged 6.9 yards a punt return and 25.6 yards per kick return. When looking at special teams players, punt returns are much more important than kick returns and that was a huge dropoff from the production that Dwayne Harris gave the Cowboys.

When the Cowboys were fighting for their playoff spot, they trusted Cole Beasley, who didn't do any better. It was time for a change and that will possibly come with Ryan Switzer.

Ryan Switzer in 2017 with Dallas Cowboys

Ryan Switzer was drafted as a wide receiver but there is little chance that he ever takes the field as a receiver in 2017.

Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams are the two top receivers on the team and 2017 leading receiver Cole Beasley is the slot receiver. They just re-signed Brice Butler to a new one-year deal. With Jason Witten at tight end, there are not enough balls to go around for Switzer on the Dallas Cowboys offense. However, in college Switzer averaged 10.6 yards per punt return and is expected to compete with Lucky Whitehead for the punt return job to start the 2017 NFL season.

He won't get a lot of playing time on offense, but if something happens to Cole Beasley, he is almost an identical receiver and looking at Beasley's 2016 numbers, it is exciting to see someone like him line up for Dak Prescott.