Playing for both the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James has played alongside many hall of famers and key role players. Over the years, he’s developed a good relationship with most of his teammates, but these five are definitely his favorites.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Zydrunas Ilgauskas, most commonly known as Big Z, was the first player to mentor LeBron James when he came straight out of high school and into the pros. Ilgauskas basically watched James grow from an 18-year-old kid to a superstar, one that won multiple MVPs in Cleveland and led the team to the NBA Finals in 2007.

James became very fond of Ilgauskas and was highly disappointed when the team traded him to Washington to acquire Antawn Jamison. Fortunately for LeBron, Ilgauskas was able to make his way back to Cleveland after the Wizards waived him. The two then left Cleveland together to join Miami.

Anderson Varejao

Known as one of the best floppers in the NBA, Anderson Varejao was also very close to James. The two spent seven and a half years together in Cleveland until the Cavaliers traded him and he ended up on the Golden State Warriors roster, with the pair facing each other in the NBA Finals. James respected Varejao for his winning plays, energy, and hustle. He appreciated everything Varejao brought to the table, whether as a starter or bench player.

The respect was mutual, as Varejao appreciated LeBron’s greatness.

James Jones

James Jones and LeBron James encountered each other in Miami, and the two started a long journey together to win multiple championships. James has always appreciated Jones for his outstanding three-point shooting, seeing him as one of the best shooters in the league.

When James chose to go back to Cleveland, Jones followed him there to continue their relationship and winning ways. Just like James, Jones has also made six consecutive Finals appearances.

Kyrie Irving

When LeBron came back to Cleveland, he was most excited to play with Kyrie Irving, to help him with his growth. Over the course of three years, LeBron has helped Irving become a clutch player, leader, and a legitimate superstar, while developing a healthy relationship with the point guard.

Irving helped LeBron immensely during the team’s championship run last year, which is why the two share a special bond.

Dwyane Wade

Of course, LeBron James’ all-time favorite teammate is Dwyane Wade. The two superstars were drafted the same year, won a Gold medal together, and ultimately won multiple championships in Miami. They have been good friends since entering the league in 2003, and despite parting ways in 2014, they still share a lasting relationship with each other. Additionally, Wade may decide to rejoin his good buddy in Cleveland this summer, depending on the circumstances.