Now that the Green Bay Packers have kicked off their first OTAs of the 2017 offseason, there are a number of players that have been willing to voice their early opinion of the team. Among those most vocal about how the squad looked out of the gate was wide receiver Davante Adams, who took to social media to talk about the fact that he felt his teammates looked like "savages" out on the practice field. While it's still early in the offseason, the Packers certainly have the look and feel of a team that is going to be competing for the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers looking scary to Adams

Adams is becoming a bit of a team leader, it appears as he enters his fourth year in the league. Quite a bit of that is thanks to his having a breakout year last season, catching 75 passes for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns. He and Jordy Nelson look to be the leading receivers this year, and it's clear he wants to take on more of a leadership role, as he took to Twitter to voice his opinion. "OTA #1 in the books!! Boys look like some savages today uh ohhhh," Adams wrote about his Packers teammates.

His teammates, had a bit of fun with the comment, as a few of them, such as Mike Daniels decided they were going to act as though Adams was speaking specifically about them.

Daniels responded on his own Twitter account, saying "thanks for the compliment" with a giant smiley face. Despite just how early it is in the OTAs process, it's clear everyone in Green Bay is feeling pretty good about what they saw on the field and how they felt going through these first steps.

Josh Hawkins, a second year cornerback who will likely be asked to do more for the Packers this season, tweeted out that the first day of OTAs "felt great."

Plenty of questions still around for Green Bay Packers

Despite the rampant optimism that is floating around the team and the players' social media accounts, the team has some big questions.

There is the issue of just how far behind the curve Kevin King is going to be, considering he's expected to miss the entirety of the OTA sessions. There is also the question of just where rookie defensive back Josh Jones is going to play.

Will Jones switch back and forth as he did in college? Or is he going to find a position and stick with it once he makes his NFL presence known. There is also the question as to just who is going to take the starting running back job. Ty Montgomery appears to be the favorite, but the Packers have clearly been looking for help. If everyone continues to play like "savages", the final question is going to be, just how far can this team go?