Paul George is one of the greatest offensive talents in the NBA. This season George averaged about 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists. Along with these statistics, he also shot the three exceptionally well at 39%, the best throughout his years in the league. He also is an excellent defender and played hard on the defensive end this year. Although, time and time again with the Pacers, he has fallen short of being able to make it far in the playoffs, either getting knocked out before being able to reach the Conference Finals or Finals in general for the most part.

George always tends to fall short, especially against LeBron James. He recently was swept by the Cavaliers, with almost no fight at all. Paul George is surely disappointed with the organization and could definitely want to go to another team. Or will he give it another chance?

PG13 deserves much respect in his own right after coming back from such a harsh leg injury years ago. George really bounced back from a horrific injury which made the whole world turn and squeal as they saw the incident unfold right on the screen. On top of that fact, he is the sole reason that the Pacers made it into the playoffs in the first place.

There have been plenty of rumors swirling around about Paul George wanting to leave the Pacers or the organization willing to trade him.

The highest probability is that he is going to the Heat, but the Lakers and Celtics are other teams he could sign with.

The resilient Heat team

The Miami Heat need another shooter to complete their team and make it to the playoffs. They need a big name player, since they lost veteran Dwyane Wade. This season, they came up just short of making the playoffs, but they were still not in a position to go very far.

The Heat have enough Cap Space to be able to sign Paul George and if they did sign George, they would be much better offensively. They would be a more complete team. George also plays good defense, so they would not lose anything on the defensive end.

A lot of credit needs to be given to this organization that picked it up greatly in the second half of the season after winning so many games straight to go into playoff contention.

In the first half of the season, the Heat were battling many injuries. It was surprising to see them doing so poorly in the first half of the season, but they picked up the pace in the second half.

The season went on to show that their acquisition of Dion Waiters was not a bad move. He played well for the team when he was available to play.

The Heat show a lot of promise with their great big man Hassan Whiteside. Goran Dragic played well and is a good passer who gets teammates involved. He can also score the basketball whenever he feels like it. What the Heat are missing is a small forward and George could greatly fill in that position. The Heat could be very dangerous with the addition of Paul George and have a great starting lineup.

Paul George has always fallen short playing against LeBron, although there have been close games where the two battled it out. The question to be asked is if PG13 joined the Heat organization, would he still fall short against James, who has beaten him many times in the past?

How likely is the trade from the Pacers?

There is a high chance that George will be traded from the organization or want to leave himself. He has played for the team for many years and has not made it far in the playoffs.

The recent season where the Pacers got swept with barely any close games besides the first suggests a trade from the Pacers is likely. The Pacers had a disappointing season. The team should not be having such a bad season with all of the great talent they have.

Realistic for Heat to sign Paul George?

It would be realistic that the Heat sign Paul George to a deal. The Heat would be much better with Paul George on their team and be more of a complete team. George is still young at only 27 years old, so he has a plenty of years ahead in the league. They have a lot of cap space available since getting rid of Wade and recently with Chris Bosh agreeing on a deal to part ways. The chance of Paul George signing with the Heat is highly likely and it is one of his best options where he would fit in well. George would be able to compete for a title with the Heat more than if he went to either the Lakers or Hawks. The Celtics would not be a horrible option, but it seems he would fit better on the Miami Heat. I would not be surprised to see a big deal over the summer involving the Miami Heat and Paul George.