Former NBA player Charles Barkley had a stellar NBA career, having success playing with teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and the Houston Rockets. While playing with the Phoenix Suns, Barkley was able to take his team to the NBA finals in 1993 but lost to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Although the Suns lost the finals, Barkley was able to take home the NBA's Most Valuable Player of the year award for his outstanding play throughout the entire season. As stellar of a career Charles was able to have on the hardwood floor, he has also had an outstanding career being a Sports Analyst for Turner Network Television, also known as TNT.

2000-2017 and TV

After Charles Barkley retired from the NBA during the 1999 NBA season, he immediately dived into his next phase of life by becoming an NBA sports analyst for TNT. Similar to the NFL's Tony Romo, Charles Barkley's popularity was so huge as a player that when he retired, he was an immediate interest and hire to cover the game he gave sixteen hard fought seasons to. Charles entered the word of media and his popularity grew instantly with his constant criticism of star players, which always led to controversy and some verbal conflict with players as well.

No matter what, this approach became good for TNT sports. The NBA began gaining more viewers every night This was huge for Barkley's career as a sports analyst considering the NBA has hosted at least one game a week on TNT for a very long time now.

Along with his great colleagues in Kenny Smith and lead anchor Ernie Johnson, the cast has consistently delivered outstanding coverage for the NBA throughout their entire tenures. Not too many NBA players can say they've had a hall of fame career in two different fields of sports, but Sir Charles Barkley will soon join that crew of unique individuals.

Winning an Emmy

Aside from covering the NBA for 17 years, Barkley also covers the NCAA's men's college basketball during March Madness for the Division I schools. Winning an Emmy this year for Charles is huge considering he stated back in 2012 that he would contemplate retiring from being a sports analyst as his contract with TNT was expiring the year of 2017.

So even though Barkley was able to win an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Analyst in 2012 as well, the award could mean so much more this time around considering this could be his final tenure with TNT this year.

If so, Charles already appears to be moving in a new direction with his new show set to air on TNT called "American Race" set to air tomorrow at 9 pm eastern time 8 pm central time. Be sure to tune in.