Even before the 2016/2017 NBA regular season began, most of the NBA world predicted that, yet again, it would be the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors facing off in the Finals -- and who could blame anyone for thinking that? While Finals rematches are the stuff of NBA lore and legend, there have been some asking if the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors being a lock for another Finals appearance is fair to the game of basketball, and that certainly is a valid question. With both teams coasting through the playoffs so far, one has to wonder if there will be any resistance at all to another rematch to win it all.

Maybe, just maybe, the San Antonio Spurs might have something to say about it.

Can the Spurs put up a fight at all in this series?

That, ultimately, is going to be the big question heading into this series. With Tim Duncan retired, and Tony Parker out for the rest of the playoffs, this has officially become Kawhi Leonard's team, and the changing of the guard has officially come to pass. That said, Kawhi has been dealing with injury recently, and one can only hope that he is at his best when it comes time to put up, shut up, and leave everything out on the floor.

Kawhi certainly has help in LaMarcus Aldridge and a supporting cast that has embraced the tried and true Gregg Popovich system of team basketball, and that will certainly be put to the test when they face a team that has been molded in The San Antonio Spurs' image, as it were.

Will it be another sweep for the Golden State Warriors?

Much like the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East, the Golden State Warriors have been able to coast through the 2017 NBA Playoffs unchallenged. This essentially leaves many wondering if anyone can pose a challenge at all. Kevin Durant has found his stride and has found his place on the team.

The Splash Brothers continue to do what they do, and Draymond Green is his own locomotive entirely. When someone like Klay Thompson is your third or fourth scoring option, that's saying something.

Added to this, the Warriors do still have a solid bench, and they have guys capable of coming into the game and holding down the fort while the stacked starting lineup takes a breather.

For the sake of entertainment value, there will certainly be many people hoping that this series will at least be somewhat competitive. Ultimately, however, we will only know for sure once the series is officially underway.