Even though it was blowout in Game 3, the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics made the game interesting by continuously attacking each other and playing some 80s-type basketball. The intensity level rose immediately when Kelly Olynyk elbowed Kelly Oubre Jr., who responded by viciously shoving Olynyk to the ground. The two teams got into a scuffle and Oubre was ejected and now suspended for Game 4.

Same intensity and physicality in Game 4

The same level of intensity and physicality should continue in Game 4. The two sides will definitely go at each other again, with the possibility of receiving multiple technical fouls and flagrants.

The two teams seemingly hate one another due to all the trash talking and bickering.

John Wall versus Isaiah Thomas

The most exciting matchup thus far has been John Wall versus Isaiah Thomas. In Game 2, Thomas scored 53 points, while Wall had 40 points of his own. Ultimately, this game will come down to the two All-Star point guards, as it did in Game 2 when it was a close contest. Thomas has shown the ability to single-handedly carry his team offensively, as Wall has dominated the game with his speed and passing.

The other guys

For Boston, Al Horford has been relatively consistent throughout the playoffs, as he has had a few major performances. Jae Crowder has been touch and go but must have a great game if the Celtics want to take one in Washington.

Avery Bradley has been consistent as well and will be heavily relied on in this crucial game. Terry Rozier has had his moments and could be a huge boost off the bench. Lastly, Marcus Smart’s energy has been contagious, and he will certainly bring defensive intensity to the game.

For Washington, they are going to need Bojan Bogdanovic to be on point with his shot like he was in Game 3, scoring 19 points on 50 percent shooting.

Brandon Jennings needs to snap out of his funk and contribute off the bench. For the most part, Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter Jr., and Markieff Morris have been consistent and strong producers. With Oubre sitting out due to a suspension, Washington’s complimentary pieces must be effective and efficient.

Rebounding is important for Washington

In the first two games, the Wizards didn’t dominate the rebounding battle too much. However, in Game 3, they crushed the Celtics in rebounding, out-boarding them, 50-38. Rebounding will continue to be important for the Wizards in their effort to tie the series. The Celtics are, after all, a poor rebounding team, which means the Wizards should be able to squash them in that category.

Game 4 takes place at the Verizon Center in Washington at 6:30 pm Eastern Time on TNT.