The Atlanta Braves are at a loss after finding out that one of their key players will be out of commission for several weeks. Freddie Freeman’s left wrist was broken during the fifth inning of the game on Wednesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays. While the Atlanta Braves won 8-4, they are concerned about how Freeman’s injury will affect the team. According to WSB-TV, John Hart who is the president of baseball operations says, “he knows no player can replace the production lost by the injury to Freeman." Freeman is at the top of the MLB league with 14 homers and was hitting .341.

Will the Atlanta Braves be able to succeed without Freeman? Only time will tell.

Freeman has no hard feelings against Blue Jays pitcher

Freddie Freeman understands that baseball can be a risky sport. While he is not happy about being injured, he says that Blue Jays relief pitcher, Aaron Loup was just trying to strike him out. Freeman says that throwing an inside pitch is the way to strike him out. He says that he would be the first to admit that. Freeman is definitely a team player and cares about the team as a whole. He also seems to have a positive attitude, which is key during this time.

Freeman is more upset that he may let his team down. According to the AJC, Freeman stated, "I just come in every day to try to help this team win and get back to the playoffs because it has been four years." Freddie Freeman wants to be there for his team.

He is not concerned with personal statistics. Surgery will most likely be necessary in order for Freeman’s wrist to heal. With this type of injury, he is expected to be out of commission for about 10 weeks.

Freeman’s replacement

The Atlanta Braves staff seems like they have not made a concrete decision about who will replace Freddie Freeman until his wrist has healed.

Sean Rodriguez looked like a promising fill in for Freeman, but Rodriguez could be out for the whole season with a shoulder injury that occurred when he was hit by a stolen police car in Miami on Jan. 28.

Another idea that John Hart has is to have the right fielder, Nick Markakis start at first base, but Hart said that this suggestion was not popular among Braves staff.

The Atlanta Braves may have to tweak their strategy daily until they come up with a successful game plan.

While the Atlanta Braves may find this time without Freddie Freeman extremely challenging, hopefully, other players will step up, and show the staff that we can succeed while he gets better.