Two former Nebraska Football offensive lineman have officially decided at which schools they will finish their playing careers. Zach Hannon and Dwayne Johnson are both offensive lineman that are graduate transfers that decided they weren’t going to be getting enough playing time for the Huskers.

It appears both of the schools the two players have chosen are a bit of a step down, though they might actually get the chance to play in their final year in college football. Both of the players announced their choices for their new programs on social media.

It’s not known whether or not it was planned they would both announce on the same day, or whether it was just a happy coincidence.

Former conference foes

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the two now former Nebraska football players’ choices is that they are both going to former Husker conference foes. Hannon has picked a school that still plays in the Big 12 and is close to where the player grew up. Hannon has decided he will play his final year of college football at the University of Kansas.

Dwyane Johnson has decided he is also going to be headed to a Big 12 school that used to square off against the Nebraska football team before they moved to the Big 10.

Johnson announced on his official Twitter page that he was going to be going to Texas Tech. Interestingly enough the offensive lineman made it clear the Huskers were still very much in his heart, as he posted, “once a Husker, always a Husker, but for now, time for the next chapter.”

Nebraska football trimming the fat

While it’s never great to see players that have been around the program as long as Hannon and Johnson have, decide they’d rather go elsewhere the coaching staff clearly didn’t think either of the two were going to be impact players this year.

As Mike Riley and company continue to move their own players onto the roster, those that were recruited by Bo Pelini and his staff continue to get moved out.

It should be pointed out, this is not the same kind of situation the Nebraska basketball program is going through.

That program lost players that were likely going to be starters, or at least big time contributors to next season. These two offensive linemen would certainly have given Riley and his staff much-needed depth, but neither one was going to see much action unless there were quite a few injuries. The pair had largely been seeing action on special teams more than they were ever working in the trenches.