When talking about current and former NFL players, there is a kind of fraternity because only they really know what they have had to do in order to even make it to the league. This fraternity was on full display on social media over the weekend as one player after another offered their condolences to former Baltimore Raven and Arizona Cardinal tight end Todd Heap.

On Friday, Heap's family suffered an incredible tragedy when he was moving his truck in his driveway and accidentally struck and killed his three-year-old daughter. By all accounts, the accident was just that and it's not suspected he was driving under the influence of anything.

He simply didn't realize his little girl was standing where she was when he began moving the car.

Torrey Smith and Todd Heap

Among the players who were quick to show Heap they were thinking about him during this incredibly unimaginably terrible time, was former Baltimore Ravens and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith. Smith was one of the players who was clearly moved by the story he heard. He also underlines the fraternity of players, since he and Heap never actually played together.

There is a connection between Smith and Heap, considering they both have Baltimore on their resumes. Smith came to the Ravens a year after Heap left to spend his final two years of his career with the Cardinals.

It's a safe bet that Smith heard quite a bit about Heap, who has since been entered into the team's hall of fame since he joined the team. He may not have known Heap personally, but he can certainly understand why the former player is in a world of hurt today.

The parade of players offering support to Todd Heap

Torrey Smith was hardly the only player who offered up his condolences.

A steady stream of players have issued up their condolences including guys like Jay Feely who said, "My heart is broken for Todd Heap and his family. One of the kindest persons I've ever met and a man who lives for his family." and JJ Watt who might have come up with the best words to describe this terrible event when he said, "Absolutely gutted for Todd Heap and his family.

Thoughts are with them in this incredibly tough time."

While these former and current NFLers are certainly trying to stand toe to toe with Heap while he and his family are going through something very people could possibly understand. Because he's not talking yet, we have no idea how or if he and his family have even begun to cope.