We might be months away from the Fantasy Football season right now, but that doesn't mean a discussion of the topic isn't warranted. After all, practice and knowledge in the offseason can often translate to a huge advantage in the regular season. And that advantage can easily come in the first round of many fantasy football drafts. Let's take a look at the five best projected players in 2017.

1. David Johnson.

There was no player in fantasy football better than the Arizona Cardinals running back in 2017. He had 33 more fantasy points than Ezekiel Elliot and averaged nearly 20 fantasy Points Per Game.

Johnson's consistency was even more unbelievable, as he had less than 10 points just once, in week 17, when he left the game early. Johnson should be the top pick in every fantasy league this season as a dual threat running back who does it all for the Cardinals.

2. Le'veon Bell.

The Steelers running back earns this spot because he is projected to finally start a season without a suspension. Despite a 3 game suspension, Le'veon Bell finished the season with the fourth most fantasy points among all running backs. A large portion of those fantasy points came in 47 point performance against the Buffalo Bills in week 14. Those huge weeks and massive involvement in the Steelers offense make Bell worthy of the second overall pick if he isn't suspended.

3. Ezekiel Elliot.

Elliot's rookie season as the Cowboys main back was huge. He had 280 fantasy points, second best among all running backs. He was just as consistent as David Johnson, scoring at least ten fantasy points in every game except for week 17. As the go to man at the goal line, Elliot is guaranteed at least a few chances for big fantasy games every single week.

Combine that with his talent, and fantasy owners have a beast of a running back.

4. Antonio Brown.

The best receiver in the NFL didn't finish with the most fantasy points in the league, but he did finish third on the list. Brown averaged 12.1 fantasy points per game and is still considered one of the best receivers in the game.

Brown's consistency each year is what makes him worthy of the fourth position on this list. Fantasy owners who draft him can be assured that he will put up at least a Top Five wide receiver performance barring an injury.

5. Odell Beckham Jr.

There are two ways to look at the Giants wide receiving corps, but I'm going to say that the addition of Brandon Marshall is a great thing. It gives Eli Manning another legitimate target and should ease some of the double coverage that Odell sees on a regular basis. That opens up even more fantasy opportunities for a player who averaged nearly 12 fantasy points per game last season.