The Buffalo Bills might have signed quarterback Tyrod Taylor for the 2017 season, but there's no clear indication that he's the answer. Taylor had a great season with the Bills in 2017, throwing for more than 3000 yards and rushing for the most yards of any quarterback in the league. Taylor also took care of the ball, and limited chances for opponents to capitalize, something that most recent Bills quarterbacks have failed to do. But he didn't make the playoffs, and that should be enough to convince Doug Whaley to spend a late draft pick on someone.

Chad Kelly.

Chad Kelly is the nephew of Buffalo Bill's legend Jim Kelly, who is the greatest Bills quarterback ever. Bills fans would love to see a player of Jim's caliber in Chad, but they likely won't be so lucky, at least in early seasons. Chad Kelly's history as a football player is littered with incidences.

In April 2014, Chad Kelly was dismissed from the Clemson football team for detrimental conduct. Later that year, in December, Kelly got into a fight with bouncers and resisted arrest. Kelly would plead guilty to disorderly conduct and would serve 50 hours of community service. Those red flags should dissuade many NFL teams from even considering Kelly as a prospect, but they aren't the only issues.


Chad Kelly just had wrist surgery prior to the NFL draft and will likely be out until at least the start of rookie camp. The Injury to his wrist is part of a potential pattern, as he suffered a serious injury prior to the wrist issues as well. In his final game of the season in 2016, Chad Kelly suffered an ACL tear and a torn meniscus that would prevent him from playing in the Senior Bowl.

Because of the aforementioned off-field issues, Kelly didn't even get a chance to participate in the NFL combine. All of this has had a severe negative impact on his draft stock.

Buffalo Bills and Chad Kelly a Possible Pairing?

Despite the off-field issues and injuries, Chad Kelly is a good college quarterback. He had a great season for Ole Miss in his first year, tossing 31 touchdowns compared to just 13 interceptions.

On a big stage, in the 2016 Sugar Bowl, Kelly didn't shy away from the spotlight and threw for more than 300 yards and four touchdowns.

Those who are willing to take a chance on Chad Kelly will receive a talented prospect with multiple questions related to his injuries and character. The Bills should be one of those teams looking to take a chance on a risky prospect. Kelly's draft stock has fallen far enough that it is worth spending at least a fifth round speculative pick on a guy who could eventually become the Bills starter. For now, Taylor will serve as the Bills quarterback. But the organization is still looking for the man of the future, and it could certainly be Chad Kelly.