Tayshaun Prince last played in the NBA in 2016 for the Minnesota Timberwolves. But it seems the 37-year old has taken his career to the TV, like fellow ex-teammate Kevin Garnett. Appearing on TNT's KG Area 21 broadcast, Prince explained the differences between guarding Cleveland Cavaliers' star LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant. Tayshaun has a lot of experience with guarding these two NBA greats, playing both of them in playoff series' in the past. So he knows all about the offensive challenges the possess, and took the time to explain.

Tayshaun talks about guarding Kobe

Tayshaun Prince started by stating "they're both different" when asked to compare the two. He started with a man he is very familiar with on the court, Kobe Bryant. They have had many great duels in the past, and TP defiantly remembers them. Prince said:

"With Kobe... you had to make sure he doesn't get to his sweet spots because it was a rhythm thing. The footwork, the fadeaway, stuff like that. He's gonna be physical with you; he's gonna try to wear you down."

Prince was very complimentary of Kobe's shooting ability to find a spot and knock down a shot with ease, using the triangle offense to his advantage. He mentioned that Bryant would usually try to wear his defender out in the first three-quarters so they're too fatigued to handle him in the 4th and that's when he takes over.

Host Kevin Garnett added that KB24 always gets the calls in the crunch time moments, which made it almost impossible to guard him. Tayshaun pitched in, stating that there are spots on the floor where Kobe rarely missed, and he did his best to prevent The Mamba from getting to those opportune spots.

Prince also talked about guarding LeBron

Tayshaun Price made it clear that LeBron James was also a very challenging offensive player to cover. He mentioned that James' former teammates Ilgauskas and Varejao would often set picks on Prince and LBJ would use them to his advantage to get the right angle for a drive or a pass. Prince stated:

"With LeBron, it was picked and roll after pick and roll...

it was a physicality standpoint, beat you up, muscle to the rim, trying to be super physical. The minute you get on the side of (LeBron) it's over... don't let him turn this corner."

He stressed the fact that you should always guard LeBron straight up because as soon as you get to his side, it's a done deal. LeBron will use his size and strength to get the angle and get to the rim. Many of Prince's teammates suffered the embarrassment of a posterizing dunk due to this forceful attack to the rim by King James. So for any rookies trying to figure out how to defend the King, take Tayshaun's words into mind. Never let LBJ get to your side, as it will be game over. Not an easy task I know, but it's worth a try I guess.