LeBron James has just entered the 2017 NBA playoff run, and in only two games he has already achieved multiple milestones. Those include passing Magic Johnson on the postseason all time steals list, taking sole possession from Kevin Garnett for the 21st place on the playoff blocks list and being on the verge of passing Kobe Bryant on the postseason scoring list. And now another feat, LeBron James has passed Robert Parish on the playoffs all time rebounding list.

It's crazy to see how many accomplishments the King can achieve in just the first two games of action in the 2017 playoffs.

It gets us excited for what's ahead, and begs the question, what milestone will LeBron achieve next?

LeBron moves up the postseason rebounding list, passing Celtics legend

One of the Boston Celtics greatest players of all time, Robert Parish, has been the next victim of LeBron's rise in the all time playoff lists. Robert Parish was sitting in the 8th place on the NBA playoffs all time rebounds list with 1,765 boards in his 16 postseason runs before LeBron passed him up in game two. King James finished game two against the Indiana Pacers with 10 rebounds, putting him 9 rebounds above Parish by the end of the game. LeBron is on pace to pass Wes Unseld on this same list in his next game, but will likely be unable to pass up anyone else on the list this year.

But I wouldn't doubt the King will keep moving up the list as the years go on. Here's how the list currently stands:

1. Bill Russell (4,104)

2. Wilt Chamberlain (3,913)

3. Tim Duncan (2,859)

4. Shaquille O'Neal (2,508)

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2,481)

6. Karl Malone (2,062)

7. Wes Unseld (1,777)

8. LeBron James (1,774)

9. Robert Parish (1,765)


Elgin Baylor (1,724)

The crazy thing is, that The Chosen One sits in amongst centers and power forwards on this list, guys who camp in the paint and live for rebounds. Meanwhile LeBron James is a wing player who uses his athleticism to grab rebounds. Note: Elgin Baylor is also a small forward like LeBron who features on this list.

LeBron James is an elite rebounder

LeBron James is known as one of the best all around players of all time, and a big factor to it is his ability to rebound the basketball. LeBron is a terrific rebounder in both the regular season and playoffs. His athletic ability, timing, precision, leap and strength allow him to box out opponents and jump for those boards. If there is ever such thing as an exciting rebounder, that would describe King James. Jumping over players for a rebound is pretty eye catching.

LeBron sits in third place in the regular season rebounds for small forwards with 7,707 career boards, just behind NBA greats Larry Bird (8,031) and Elgin Baylor (11,463). He will be looking to pass these legends in career rebounds in the near future.