Similar to Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar Lebron James, Stephen Curry is doing all he can to focus on the Warriors' upcoming title run fully by getting rid of unnecessary distractions. The reigning MVP has lately told ESPN's Chris Haynes that all social media apps were deleted from his phone before the start of the playoffs with the reason being that this upcoming championship run as all of Curry's undivided attention.

This move is only a temporary one

However, this is only a temporary situation as the Golden State Warriors point guard reveals to ESPN this is only going to last until the end of the playoffs and hopefully the result being the Warriors winning their second title in three seasons.

It is somewhat confusing considering Stephen Curry has many involvements in social media networks. Curry along with a former teammate at Davidson are the co-founders of Slice, which is a social media network. Along with this Curry is an investor in the app CoachUp, which helps parents book private coaches for their kids who are young athletes. Curry is also a partnership in the digital media platform PressPlay which helps connects with his global fanbase

Stephen Curry who revealed he deleted all social media ahead of Golden State Warriors' Game 1 of their first-round matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry admits this was the third straight season this has occurred, but it is not something he speaks of, Curry is not the only NBA superstar known for disappearing from social media around the NBA playoffs.

Stephen Curry is not the only player to do this

Four Time MVP, Lebron James who played a huge role in the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 championship run is known for disappearing from social media throughout the playoffs. These actions by James are especially hard to handle for hip hop fans around this time of the year. James is known to be one of the first people to have unreleased music leaked to his Instagram fan base of approximately 30 million followers which features some of the rap games' biggest names such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

Stephen Curry nevertheless assures people he did not get inspiration to rid himself of social media by Lebron James "I didn't do it because he did it. I'm not reinventing the wheel," Curry reveals to ESPN. "It's just a way to help me keep my focus on what's important." Stephen Curry was not available for additional questions after the interview he obviously won't be as he would be locked in for the playoffs which are something he was known for tweeting before every game this season.

The Golden State Warriors are predicted by many to win the NBA championship, many experts are predicting are Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers rematch, with the Warriors getting revenge for last season's loss to the Cavaliers.