Reigning back to back MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has yet again got the top-selling jersey in the NBA, Curry edges out Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James and Warriors teammate Kevin Durant for the highest selling jersey of the 2016-2017 season. ESPN reporter Darren Rovell tweeted the list of the 15 largest jersey sellers on Tuesday with Oklahoma City Thunder superstar guard Russel Westbrook, and Cleveland Cavaliers all-star point Kyrie Irving forming the remainder of the top 5.

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys

1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors


LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors

4. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

5. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers

6. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

7. Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks

8. Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls

9. Giannis Antekoumpo, Milwaukee Bucks

10. James Harden, Houston Rockets

11. Dwyane Wade, Chicago Bulls

12. Derrick Rose, New York Knicks

13. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

14. Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics

15. Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

These players' jerseys have been hot all season

These five players were also the top five jersey sellers after the list updated after the all-star break, with the only difference being Kyrie Irving at fourth and Russell Westbrook at fifth according to

Fourth place is the highest Russell Westbrook has ever been on the list. These sales are due to him averaging a triple-double this season, and in Sunday's game against Denver, Westbrook broke the Association record for most triple doubles in an NBA season, which was set by Oscar Robertson 55 years ago. Westbrook's current triple double is at 42 with two regular season games remaining for the Thunder.

Golden State Warriors all-star shooting guard Klay Thompson joined all-star teammates Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant in the top 15, showing the world that the Warriors are still are a merchandising powerhouse despite being labeled as the supervillain team in the offseason after the recruitment of Kevin Durant to join their already superteam roster.

Many players are becoming popular

These rankings also showcase the continued rise to stardom of Milwaukee Bucks' all-star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis rose to the no.9 spot after being ranked 14th on the midseason chart, beating the likes of MVP candidate James Harden. The Golden State Warriors (Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson), Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James and Kyrie Irving), Chicago Bulls (Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler), and New York Knicks (Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis). These teams are the only teams with two or more of their players in the top-15 jerseys sold.