The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the 2017 NBA playoffs. This playoff series ought to be an engaging arrangement, driven by a couple of the NBA's most energizing players. How about we look at the matchup by positions between the two groups, which will give us a decent comprehension of the forthcoming arrangement between the number one seeded Warriors and the number eight seeded Trail Blazers?

Point Guard - Stephen Curry vs. Damian Lillard

First up is the point guard who some people argue is the most crucial position in basketball.

This matchup features two of the best point guards in the association in Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard. Curry will no doubt have the capacity to get his direction scoring astute, in the wake of having his second best scoring period of his vocation at 25.3 points per game. Curry's ability to deal with the ball and get buckets is second to none, and Lillard will probably be not able back him off. Be that as it may, Damian Lillard will also utilize his scoring capacity to separate the Warriors defense, scoring a season-high 27 points per game. He will not only have the ability to count a few baskets on the board but also his passing will be the most vital. Be that as it may, it's not hard to see who wins this matchup; Curry made the NBA all-star game this season and despite many people saying Lillard was robbed of an appearance yet again.

Lillard is a great point guard, but we have no choice but to give the reigning MVP the matchup favorite on this one.

Advantage: Golden State

Shooting Guard - Klay Thompson vs. C.J McCollum

A skirmish of the shooters it appears. Both Thompson and McCollum can get hot and be high scoring components, yet in different circumstances, they will be liabilities at the offensive end of the floor.

Klay Thompson will utilize his three-point shot a lot this series, getting passes from both Curry and Durant, he ought to have the capacity to knock down a high rate of his looks. While McCollum will hope to utilize his speed and quickness to find the Warriors rim protection napping and score buckets, CJ McCollum may need to hold a huge scoring load this series if Damian Lillard guarded well.

An obvious choice, everything relies on upon who's on or off this series. In any case, we will take a confident dive at Klay Thompson on this one.

Advantage: Golden State

Small Forward - Kevin Durant vs. Maurice Harkless

The most one-sided battles of this series will be the duel between Kevin Durant and Maurice Harkless. They have never gone head to head against each other in the playoffs previously, and it's not looking good the young Trail Blazer. Kevin Durant will hope to go at the young Trail Blazer scoring buckets and to set up teammates. Just as of late, Durant dropped 33 on Harkless the last time they played. A game where Durant completed with a double-double and drove his team to the triumph.

Much like the regular season games. It ought to be a one-sided fight, with Durant easily having to capacity of dealing with Harkless on both ends of the floor

Advantage: Golden State

Power Forward - Draymond Green vs. Noah Vonleh

This matchup will be a fascinating clash of the bigs in this arrangement. Draymond Green will hope to keep on being the defensive presence he's appeared all through his season, becoming the favorite for defensive player of the year. The admiration of Vonleh's athleticism besides, Vonleh will be tested with the swiss-army knife skill set of Draymond Green who is capable of getting a triple-double while only scoring four points as shown earlier this season. Both players equipped for setting up double-double performances in each game this series.

Noah Vonleh provided for performing admirably in this playoff series, yet Green will probably crush him in this no holds barred matchup.

Advantage: Golden State

Center - Zaza Pachulia vs. Jusuf Nurkic

This matchup will be an extremely physical fight in the paint. Pachulia will hope to secure many offensive rebounds, getting the Warriors extra possessions each game. Be that as it may, it won't be a simple errand with Jusuf Nurkic in the paint, boxing out and rejecting for the stands. Averaging around two blocks for every game this season, the youthful Nurkic will be a concern down in the paint for the Warriors' offense. Nurkic will hope to make his nearness known by sending shots endlessly. Both players will flourish at scoring points by being fed by their all-star point guards.

This matchup will be an intense fight and could go in any case, yet we will give the edge to the young and dominant Portland Trail Blazer big man.

Advantage: Portland


Statistics show the Warriors ranked above the Trail Blazers in bench scoring, assists, rebounding, and production this season. There is promise for Portland's bench, but they haven't shown it yet.

Advantage: Golden State

Final Prediction:

This playoff series ought to be fun, and energizing for the first round, Stephen Curry, and Damian Lillard will probably lead their groups in an energizing show for the fans. We ought to anticipate that these games will come down to the last minute as we found in the regular season matchup. Be that as it may, the Curry-drove Warriors s with Durant and Thompson ought to have the capacity to deal with the youthful Portland squad, and settle this series with their experience.

Warriors 4-0 Trail Blazers