While the Philadelphia Eagles feel they have likely addressed their offensive needs with the acquisition of not one, but two wide receivers; there’s a real need by the team to juice up its defense. Luckily for Philly fans, it just so happens there is one of the best defensive players in the NFL who would like to find himself another team.

Richard Sherman has made it clear he would like to be traded and the Seattle Seahawks have said they will listen to trade talks for the right price. The “right price” from the Philadelphia Eagles should be anything the Seahawks want, short of Carson Wentz.

Sherman is the kind of player that can make the Eagles’ defense among the best in the NFL almost single-handedly.

Sherman’s numbers are eye-popping

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans might get a bit nervous when you start talking about trading “whatever they want” to the Seahawks. Of course, in real life there would be a level where Seattle would be asking for too much. The point remains the Eagles should be looking very seriously into getting the defensive back.

Over the course of his career, Richard Sherman has never missed a game in his six seasons in the NFL. Being healthy is only part of the story as he averages an amazing 15 passes defended in those seasons. He also has 30 interceptions over the course of his career, which is 10 more than any other cornerback since he entered the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles like to trade so make this one

Philly’s executive vice president of football operations is one NFL exec who has no problem swinging trades and making deals. He’s already tried to restock the Eagles through free agent signings like his two new wide receivers and defensive lineman Chris Long.

ESPN points out that Howie Roseman is especially fond of trades.

Since he’s taken over the front office of the Philadelphia Eagles, Roseman has made more than double as many trades as the next closest team. If there is a reason the team won’t be able to make the deal, it’s because they don’t currently have room under their salary cap.

The Eagles are under the cap by just about $2 million.

It would take some serious wheeling and dealing before the team was able to find a way to fit Sherman into their plans. It might even take a bit of restructuring of the team's plans as to how they were going to be building the Eagles up over the course of the offseason. The thing that all Philadelphia fans should be aware of, is that Sherman is worth it.