It’s been close to four weeks since the 2017 NFL trade and free agency period began, but somehow, one of the biggest names in the National Football League is still without a definite team. This leads fans to ask whether Tony Romo will still be playing next season or will he replace the jersey for a suit and tie in front of the camera?

Talks of a possible Tony Romo trade have been tossed into the NFL rumor mill since Super Bowl 51 ended. Many figured the superstar quarterback would be a quick signee for contending teams. Yet, amid all the speculations, Romo’s future is still in the air.

The Dallas Cowboys were expected to release the QB in week one of the NFL trade period, with wanting teams waiting to sign Romo. However, weeks have passed and the four-time Pro Bowl star is still with the Cowboys, with no sign of being released any time soon.

NFL trade timeline for Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys

Analysts believe the Cowboys are holding on to Romo until the NFL Draft 2017 in the hopes that they could trade the QB for a first round pick. This makes sense since it seems no team has come up with an enticing enough offer for the player. Getting a younger and potentially better passer to replacement him would be better for Dallas in the long run. As for the receiving team, Romo has enough experience to help surge a Super Bowl contention.

However, according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the team could keep Romo beyond the NFL Draft 2017 date.

In an interview, Jones said the team should have decided on the quarterback’s fate before the team training camp starts in July.

The long timetable should give the team enough wiggle room to make changes should a draft pick trade will not be available. Experts believe Jones and his front office will try to hold on to Tony Romo and make a late push for a trade should any team suffer injury with their starting QB. Much like what happened to Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings.

Tony Romo retires to join CBS football panel?

Since his football future is still uncertain, and Tony Romo trade talks are nothing more than just resounding gongs so far, many think hanging the gloves for good would be another option for the QB. After playing for 16 years with the Dallas Cowboys, he may finally bid goodbye to the field and instead take up a job as a football analyst.

Reports suggest CBS is eyeing the San Diego-born star athlete to join their NFL broadcast panel. Romo could even be a “potential replacement” for Phil Simms. Other reports suggest he could join “The NFL Today” after former Falcons TE Tony Gonzales announced that he will be leaving the show to be with his family.

“I have had an incredible and rewarding three years at CBS and wish it could be more, but traveling to New York each week during the season is not what is best for my family at this time,” Gonzales explained in a statement.

Should Tony decide to retire and be an analyst, he could potentially be one of the bests to do it. And will push CBS’ ratings further. So far, aside from Gonzales, another former NFL star who’s made waves on TV is Tim Tebow. He has been an analyst on ESPN and even had his own home improvement show on FOX, “Home Free.”

While Tony Romo has kept mum on all talks surrounding his football future, it cannot be denied that a man with his credentials and stature would do well in whatever he decides to take on. Whether it’s playing a few more years as a quarterback in the NFL or as football analyst on TV, Romo will succeed.