Even while the Nebraska Football team gets ready to host more than 40 recruits from the 2018 class this weekend, the school is working hard to make sure the 2019 class is prepped and ready to do. Nebraska got a bit of a boost to its efforts earlier this week when Kam Brown, a top Texas-based wide receiver announced the Huskers were in his top group of favorites.

Kam Brown's father took to Twitter and named Nebraska among the 12 schools he was narrowing down his list to from well over 30 division 1 schools that had offered him a scholarship. Brown is the son of former Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown who knows a thing or two about being among the best of the best in the football world.

Working on the future of Nebraska football

Since Mike Riley and company have arrived at Nebraska, there has been an emphasis on finding wide receivers in order to make their offense go. Because the game plan is usually to allow a quarterback to have plenty of weapons to choose from, the Huskers are going to be using a lot of four and five wide receiver sets in the near future.

That is why going after someone like Kam Brown becomes especially important for a football team who is oddly low in the amount of bodies it has at the position. There are several good options who are rising through the ranks for Nebraska but a stockpile has yet to occur. It's even more important for the Huskers' football team to get someone who has the pedigree of a Brown.

Larry Brown was one of the stalwarts on a Dallas Cowboys defense that helped forge a legacy in the lone star state.

Stiff competition for Nebraska

Now that the Huskers have been named among the top 12 football teams the younger Brown is looking at, the work is far from done. Considered among the top receivers and players overall in the state, Brown has offers from the best football programs in the country.

Nebraska will have to go head to head with in-state challengers such as Baylor, Texas, SMU and TCU. If that wasn't a tough enough road to hoe, Alabama is among those who have managed to wedge open the door.

Florida State, Georgia, North Carolina and UCLA are in the mix as well.

Nebraska can't even rest easy that they are the only Big Ten team going after Brown. Penn State made his pared down list as well. Because he won't be an addition until the 2019 class, it will likely be a while before the Nebraska football team, or any other school knows just where Kam Brown has decided to call home for four years.