The NFL woke up to discomforting news on Wednesday morning when it was reported that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found hanging in his cell. Hernandez was just acquitted for a double murder committed in Boston. However, he was currently serving a Life Sentence with no parole for a murder committed back in 2013.

The former player, who had a short stint with the Patriots due to his arrest for the murder of Odin L. Lloyd, was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning, an hour after being found hanging in his cell. It was evident that Hernandez's death was a suicidal act.

This incident also occurred on the same day that his former teammates were to be honored at the White House for winning the Super Bowl back in February.

Player's reactions

Many players around the NFL expressed their feelings throughout social media on Hernandez, who was only 27 years old. One close friend, Mike Pouncey of the Miami Dolphins, who played with Hernandez at the University of Florida, bid a touching farewell through Instagram. Pouncey had supported Hernandez throughout the trials and helped get the double murder acquitted by allowing some phone transactions between the two as evidence.

Claude Pelon of the New York Jets simply put R.I.P. on his Twitter account regarding Aaron Hernandez.

Jerell Worthy of the Buffalo Bills stated that one should always find a way to amend your wrongs. Worthy expressed that turning a new page is better than suicide in his Twitter post.

Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers was simply surprised by the suicide.

His tweet simply had "Wow!" as if expressing pure shock.

An NFL analyst Ike Taylor posted on his Twitter that the act of suicide by Aaron Hernandez did not feel right. Taylor ended with a "#prayingfor" and an emoji showing a hand signaling the peace sign.

For the most part, many players were very spiritual and sent out good vibes with their social media accounts. Many expressed prayers and condolences to Hernandez's family. Others made sure to send out a positive message that life is a blessing and to always stay positive. Donte Stallworth posted that many should think about Hernandez's four-year-old daughter instead of feeling ecstatic over a murderer's suicide, since many out there seem to be relieved that money will not have to be spent on a murderer serving a life sentence.

Hernandez's suicide was definitely a sad one, in the sense that Aaron Hernandez had fame and fortune with the NFL and threw all away with the murder on one of his own friends. Mixed Feelings will arise since this involves a convicted murderer. However, the ending note for this story on Hernandez is up to the discretion of each individual.