The Nebraska Football team thought there was an outside shot it would be getting a new commit on Friday. It turns out Nikko Hall won't be announcing his school choice on the day he had originally said he'd be making a pick. The player's father announced Hall wasn't ready to announce just yet what school he wanted to go to and said the pair had decided it was time to slow down and do a little more thinking on the situation. The announcement is yet another setback for a school that seems to have plenty of players interested in the Huskers but has had a heck of a time getting anyone to announce they are committing to Nebraska.

'The best for my son'

Michael Hall made the announcement for his son Nikko and it begs the question as to why the Calabasas player didn't make the announcement himself. Fans of the Nebraska Football team might start to wonder if the reason Michael decided to announce the change was because Nikko had been planning to say he was going to be a Husker. Considering the athlete is based out of California, one has to wonder if dad didn't want his son deciding to play so far away. It's also possible Michael just believes Hall should take a little more time before he announces whether he'll be a Husker or play somewhere else. During the same Twitter announcement, the elder Hall said Nikko was still going to be visiting Lincoln during the Huskers spring game.

Considering he'll be one of 40 players coming in on that weekend, it could be quite the insane Recruiting weekend.

Steep hill to climb for Nebraska football

There is some talk that Hall might be favoring the Huskers and that if they can get him to come in for the Spring game, they might be able to close the deal.

If they are able to get the commitment from the California receiver and potential defensive back, it will mean they are able to steal him from some pretty good teams. Michigan State, UCLA and USC are all hot after the player. With schools like that going for the three-star athlete, it seems as though his rankings are going to be shooting up rather quickly.

The Nebraska football team has quite a few of these players lined up for the Spring Game. While there's no chance all 40 players are going to commit during or directly after the Spring game, it could be used as a real springboard to jump start the recruiting class. Having come so close to announcing whether he was picking Nebraska this weekend, one of those commits could indeed be Nikko Hall.