phil jackson will stay on as New York Knicks President after he and team owner James Dolan quietly picked up the option for the remaining years of their initial deal. Despite the misfortunes of the Knicks, Dolan still believes in the “Zen Master” in turning things around for the embattled ballclub.

Jackson had the option to opt out but only if an NBA lockout would have ensued. All that became immaterial when the NBA and its player’s union came to terms with a new collective bargaining agreement. The multi-titled coach had no interest in working through a lockout.

Dolan and Jackson marriage through thick and thin

Aside from the NBA lockout angle, there were some who believed that the partnership would come to an abrupt end. Since taking over, Phil Jackson has made small steps towards improving the Knicks. They have missed the NBA playoffs for the fourth year-in-a-row and have also dropped at least 50 games since Jackson inherited the position.

Jackson gets two more years to try and turn things around. New York will have over $20 million in cap space to spend this summer as they try to reel in new stars through the free agent pool.

Aside from that, there is the 2017 NBA Draft to look forward to. The Knicks are expected to get the best available talent from the incoming freshmen, hopefully, players who can help them in their campaign.

Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose all gone?

The current roster includes big names like Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose. Anthony is likely to be dangled to other teams once more via trade while Rose is expected to opt out of Gotham.

Anthony is aware of his situation and is ready to face reality. The Knicks tried to deal him in February, but nothing materialized.

With Jackson still calling the shots, Anthony’s future is more than certain to be with another NBA team.

For Rose, his recent season-ending knee injury all the more dampens his likeliness of returning for the Knicks. The former MVP believes that he can still land a max contract though most question the state of his knees.

Though Rose is still young and can heal, his inability to finish a full season will be a factor in the decision-making of other NBA teams.

He will draw interest but signing a max contract leaves a big question mark.

Should Anthony leave, Kristaps Porzingis will likely be christened as the new foundation for the Knicks. Willy Hernangomez has shown promise as well, so Jackson will likely rebuild with those two pillars still around.