When you look back in the history books, a lot of people like to compare LeBron James' game to that of magic johnson. Both guys could pass the ball exceptionally well, they have the ability to score at will, and they can defend and grab rebounds. So this is a comparison that for a lot of people, makes sense. Magic Johnson won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, three of which he was named the Finals MVP for. While on the other hand, LeBron James has led the Miami Heat to two championships and the Cleveland Cavaliers to one, winning all three Finals MVP awards.

In the regular season, Magic brought home three MVP trophies and LeBron has brought home four. What brings these two NBA legends together once again is the milestone that the King is set to achieve, to pass Magic on the all-time playoffs list.

LeBron will slide past Magic on the postseason steals list

LeBron James and Magic Johnson have always been great at getting in the passing lanes and ripping the ball right out of the opponents hands for a steal. So it's no surprise these two both rank in the top 4 all-time for postseason steals. LeBron ranks fourth on the list with 357 steals behind the great Magic Johnson who ranks third with 358 steals. This means that King James needs just two steals to surpass the man known as the greatest point guard of all-time on the NBA playoffs all-time steals list.

This will have the kid from Akron positioned in third place behind just two players. Those two players are just a couple of Chicago Bulls legends who LeBron always gets compared to. Here's how the list currently looks:

1. Scottie Pippen (395)

2. Michael Jordan (376)

3. Magic Johnson (358)

4. LeBron James (357)


John Stockton (338)

When will LeBron catch Jordan and Pippen?

LeBron James could make NBA history, as he has the chance to pass Magic, Jordan and Pippen and sit at the coveted number one spot. He will also have the rare chance to become the first player in history to reach 400 career steals in the postseason. To gage how far LBJ can climb up this year, lets look at the stats.

During last year's playoff run, the King had a career-high 49 steals, the year before that he had 33, then as we go back year by year the numbers are 36, 41, 43 and so on. So we can say that by average, LeBron will usually have close to 40 steals in a playoff run. With 3 steals in game one of the playoffs, that would leave King James with 37 steals to go, and would have him ranked in second place with 394 steals. But let's be optimistic here, after coming off his best defensive playoff run last year, this year may be no different, and while he may not rack up 49 steals again, he may very well be close. If LBJ can total over 42 steals in this year's playoff run, he will pass Scottie Pippen and finish the year first on the list, something that will further enhance LeBron's legacy.