The Cleveland Cavaliers didn't have a great regular season as they finished it with the fifth-best record in the NBA and the second seed in the East. The Cavaliers ended their season by losing four consecutive games, falling to the second spot in the conference and losing the potential home-court advantage in the conference finals. However, despite all of the issues the Cavaliers have had recently, LeBron James still believes in his team and he thinks they can win another championship this year.

The Cavaliers won their first championship in franchise history last season, by defeating the Golden State Warriors in one of the best NBA finals series of all time.

This year, Cleveland will do their best to defend it and until they are beaten, they will still be the best team in the league.

LeBron James knows what it takes to win a championship

James is a three-time NBA champion and he's played in six consecutive NBA finals. He is arguably the best player of this generation and he knows how hard it is to win a championship. Even though it won't be an easy task, LeBron believes in his teammates and he knows they are capable of bringing another title to Cleveland.

The Cleveland Cavaliers "have a good chance to win it all", LeBron James declared for However, the four-time MVP was slightly secretive as he did not want to reveal why he thinks so.

"I've got the answer. I'm not giving it to you. But I've got the answer why I feel like we've got a great chance." Whatever it is, James knows it and he believes it gives his team a great chance to defend the title. He knows how bad they played in the last two months of the regular season, yet he is still very confident about winning another ring.

Winning a championship will be extremely hard

LeBron James will face tough competition this season as the eastern conference has improved. His first-round opponent will be the Indiana Pacers, and even though James has never lost a first-round series, the Pacers and Paul George could give some trouble to the Cavaliers. The Boston Celtics finished first in the conference and will have a home-court advantage over Cleveland if they meet in the playoffs.

Besides these two teams, the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards are also very good, and there is no guarantee that James and the Cavaliers will be able to beat them.

The West is stacked once again, and the Golden State Warriors will look to avenge their finals loss from the last year. San Antonio Spurs are dangerous, as always, and the Houston Rockets have had an incredible season. Cleveland Cavaliers will play against some extremely difficult teams and James will face tough competition in each round. Although winning a championship will be hard, LeBron is down for the challenge and there is no doubt he will once again give us some amazing performances. He believes in himself and his team, and he won't let anyone dethrone them easily.